If you were to judge Glow headphones solely by their picture, you’d probably think they were just ordinary headphones with a glowing feature slapped in order to make them stand out. While that’s partially true, there’s a lot more to it than that.

The Glow headphones hit Kickstarter today, promising the world’s first headphones that use embedded laser light. More specifically, Glow utilizes a technology from Corning called Fibrance, which basically is a light-diffusing glass optical fiber that is extremely flexible and yet maintains it’s brightness and light uniformity no matter how much you curve, wrap and twist it. It is important to note that the light itself isn’t static, and pulses to the beat of your music or even the rhythm of your heart.


If you don’t think the pulsing light features are cool enough, the device comes with a 5-way controller that lets you change and pause your music, makes calls, activates Google Now, lets you snap a camera pic and so much more. Providing they meet all their Kickstarter goals, the startup behind Glow even plans to integrate a heart rate sensor inside of the earbud.

While many audio accessories have special features that extend beyond just controlling and listening to music, many times they are built with Apple in mind. Thankfully that’s not the case here, as the accessory was designed with a focus on Android. In fact, the team plans to introduce more advanced Android-specific features down the road (such as contextual awareness to some degree) — though its immediate goal is just seeking funding so they can get the product out into the hands of consumers.

For those interested in pledging, you can secure a Glow in red, green or blue for $149 with an estimated delivery timeframe of July 2015. For more details on Glow, be sure to check out their official Kickstarter page. 

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