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10 tech-focused stocking stuffer ideas for under $10

Looking for that last minute gift that's still cool but costs almost nothing? Here are 10 great tech stocking stuffer gifts that are all under $10.

Published onDecember 12, 2018

No one has an unlimited budget for buying Christmas gifts, but if you are like most folks, your wallet may be down to next to nothing after you finish buying the big presents for your family and friends. However, the good news is that you can still get them some nice stocking stuffers as an extra gift without spending a fortune.

Here are some suggestions for some great tech-themed stocking stuffers that are priced below $10. Indeed some of these gifts cost less than $5, which means everyone on your holiday list should be able to get something cool when they check out their stockings over the fireplace on Christmas morning.

ProHT Car Vent Magnetic Phone Holder

Everyone owns a smartphone, but not everyone can use it while in the car safely. The ProHT Car Vent Magnetic Phone Holder will allow anyone with a smartphone on your list to use it by clipping this holder onto their car vent, and then the phone can be placed onto the base and held in place by powerful magnets. The holder’s clips should fit with nearly every car vent size, and the base moves 360 degrees so you can position your phone in portrait or landscape mode. It’s available on Amazon for $3.99.

Sea Tech USB flash drive bracelet

USB flash drives are useful to have for your phone, tablet or PC, but they can be hard to keep up with, especially if they are small. Sea Tech has created a USB flash drive with 16GB of storage that’s designed to be worn on the wrist, like a bracelet. It’s such a simple idea, but it can certainly be a big help when people want to travel with files for business. It’s available on Amazon for $4.59.

Coosh Wired Headphones

Everyone needs a spare set of headphones, and this model from Coosh offers a lot for little money. These wired headphones come with multiple tips to fit your gift receiver’s ear correctly and they even come from removable earhooks to keep them secure on his or her head. Best of all, it’s only priced at $5,50 and it comes in either black or white colors.

Sannysis USB Mini MP3 Player

While the current trend is to stream music and audio to your phone with a Wi-Fi or cell connection, some of your friends may still want to go old school and download MP3 files to listen without a net connection. If that’s the case with your friends (or young kids!), you can introduce them to this iPod mini clone, dubbed the Sannysis USB Mini MP3 Player. It has 32GB of storage, which means they should be able to download thousands of music files listen whenever they want. Best of all, it only costs $4.77 at Amazon.

Tenergy 2,600mAh Portable Power Bank

While it’s always a good idea to take a portable external battery charger for your phone when you travel, sometimes they can get a bit bulky. You can give the gift of a few more hours of battery life for your friends’ smartphones with this small power pack from Tenergy. This has a 2,600mAh battery inside, but it’s close to the size of a typical lipstick case, which means it can fit in any pocket or purse. It also comes in a variety of colors, including white, blue, green and pink. It’s available on Amazon for either $7.95 or $9.95 (depending on the color you choose).

Umiwe LED water faucet

Here’s a stocking stuffer that’s both fun and informative for the person receiving it. The Umiwe watch faucet can be installed on most any sink, but it also contains an LED light and a temperature sensor. The light turns the water red if its really hot, blue if its running cold, and green if its the right mix of hot and cold. Not only is it fun to watch, it can also alert people to not put their hands in the water if its red so they can avoid being burned. This gift is also dirt cheap at $3.53 on Amazon.

Honsky Smartphone Desktop Stand

If your family or friends like to watch videos on their big smartphone, they might want to get this nice stocking stuffer. The Honsky smartphone stand allows phones, tablets and eReaders to be placed in either portrait or landscape mode so they can watch Netflix or YouTube hands-free. It’s made of aluminum so it should be plenty strong to handle most any mobile device, and there’s plenty of color choices to pick from. The stand is available on Amazon for between $7.99 and $8.99, again depending on which color you choose.

Selfie Ring Light

Everyone is still obsessed with taking selfie pictures on their smartphone. However, even with a front-facing flash, many smartphone selfie cameras simply can’t take good pictures in low-light conditions. That’s where this selfie ring light comes it. Giving this gift can give your friends a chance to take better selfies by attaching this ring LED light to the top of their phone. This light means that you should be able to get a better fill light for any selfie, even at night or in low light settings. It comes with a battery, but it can be charged via any USB source, and it has three light modes (low, normal and high) for your needs. It’s priced at just $8.98 on Amazon.

Energizer LED Keychain Light

If your friends need to put some light on the subject, and they are not taking selfies, then this ultra-compact LED keychain light from Energizer can come in handy. It creates an impressive 13 lumens of light that can stretch out to nearly 60 feet. Being able to attach this to your keys, your purse or anywhere you need it will be a big help. You can get this for your friends as a stocking stuffer on Amazon for just $5.99.



Anti-sleep car alarm

Our final stocking stuffer gift is one that’s a bit unique on this list; giving this to a family member or friend could actually save their life. We have all driven long distances and felt sleepy while on the road, but no one wants to fall asleep at the wheel. However, your gift receiver might be able to avoid that disaster by putting on this anti-sleep car alarm around their ear. A sensor will detect of the person’s head starts falling if he or she drops into sleep and activate an audio alarm to wake them up. It’s available on Amazon now for $5.99.