The beginnings of the Geometry Wars series of demanding, fast-paced shooters are somewhat unconventional. With the signature 2D vector graphics and retro-style arcade gameplay, Geometry Wars made its first appearance in Project Gotham Racing 2 back in 2003. Originally designed by Bizarre Creations as a tech demo when they were working on the original Project Gotham Racing they decided to put it into the sequel as a minigame to be found in PGR2’s garage area. It proved so popular that they created a standalone version on Xbox Live Arcade. Its huge success has given rise to a number of updates and sequels on several hardware platforms culminating with Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved—the latest, greatest glorious HD iteration that NVIDIA SHIELD owners can now enjoy.

For a game with such a seemingly simple premise – shoot enemies, collect multipliers, get a high score – Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved presents players with an impressively epic package of options. It takes all the finest elements from the previous games in the series and brings them together in one place to satisfy newer players and shoot-‘em-up purists alike.


Starting with the visuals, Geometry Wars has always been a bit special: its neon-lit vector elements populating the screen in ever greater numbers, building into an eye popping firework display of assailants and gunfire. The flat 2D environments of previous games have been augmented with 15 3D geometric arenas adding an extra wraparound gameplay dynamic.


Players who like a beginning, middle and end to their games can dive straight into Adventure mode, a campaign of dozens of individual time limited levels punctuated by tough Boss encounters. As the game progresses, drones are unlocked which assist the player, helping to collect bonuses and adding extra firepower in the shape of mines, missiles and automated turrets.

Purists will want to stick to the Hardcore mode, which does away with all the power-ups and upgrades and enables them to challenge themselves and others to get as high a score as possible on a level playing field.


Players can also try out some of the other challenges on offer, with Classic Mode offering six different ways to play. Pacifism strips you of all weapons making your primary objective evasion rather that attack. The King option presents a number of fort-like strongholds called King Zones outside of which the player cannot fire, and they only have one life so it’s a case of scrambling between the Zones and defending themselves from enemy onslaught. 12 different play modes ensure there’s a nuanced variation of the gameplay to suit everyone.


Dimensions Evolved arriving on SHIELD is truly something to get excited about with the single proviso that anyone venturing into this colorful, chaotic environment should be prepared for a game that can eat up all your freetime with its addictive gameplay. Download Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved on Google Play for $9.99.

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