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GeoCam: AR-assisted camera for capturing photos with geo info


Published onAugust 7, 2012

Most of the time we find ourselves installing different camera apps for different occasions and situations. It may be a camera app for capturing photos while on the go or a camera that takes beautiful pictures with different effects and features.

Android app developers are producing different camera apps for virtually any need. They develop applications with different features and functions that anyone could not imagine possible and go beyond limitations just to provide a better and more credible app for smartphone and tablet owners.

This is why Wazar developed an app that smartphone and tablet owners can enjoy outdoors. GeoCam is one of the applications in the Google Play Store that provides GeoPictures and GeoVideos. The app can display a composite view of geographical information with the use of augmented reality (AR).

GeoCam measures and determines a precise compass orientation by choosing the magnetic or geographic North. GeoCam can also estimate and determine the distances and relative positions of points spread over an area with the use of the triangulation feature.

With its GeoCaching feature, you can use the anywhere you go without an Internet connection. You can add markers to your taken pictures so that you can flag interesting areas that you come across.

There are different camera settings that you can use when taking a picture:

  • Exposure Compensation: Use this setting if your camera is underexposing or overexposing.
  • Color Effect: To add a color effect to your camera.
  • Picture Size: Choose from different image sizes.
  • Zoom Ratio: Control the digital zoom of your camera.

When reviewing or saving a picture, you can choose from the following options:

  • Augment picture: If you would like to overlay the geographic coordinates of the taken picture.
  • Save file: Select this option if you would like to discard or save the picture.

With GeoCam, the possibility is endless when taking GeoPictures and GeoVideos.

Currently, Wazar is still developing and improving GeoCam. As of the moment, there are still phones and tablets not supported by the app.

We installed GeoCam on a Samsung Galaxy S2 but the app would give out a black screen or would reboot. We also installed the application on an HTCSensation Z710e but the app would also give out the same error.

If, for some reason, GeoCam will not work on your device, the developer suggested to contact him via email so that he can fix any issues.

GeoCam has free and pro editions. GeoCam Pro allows you to record and play back Augmented Videos. The feature will let you record the topology of an area to provide further information. GeoCam Pro will also allow you to export KMZ files to Google Earth and display your pictures and markers with primitive position and orientation.  Download GeoCam Free from the Google Play Store.

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