One of the more popular keyboard options available for Android, the beta version of Google’s homegrown Gboard keyboard received an update that brings incognito mode, along with other features and visual redesigns.

Starting with Gboard’s incognito mode, the feature will not remember any words and, as such, will not store those words in Gboard’s history. This feature was previously limited to Android O, but the update brings support for Android 6.0 Marshmallow and up. Interestingly, Gboard’s incognito mode seems to only work in Chrome, with no indication as to whether the feature will be usable in other apps.

Moving right along, Google slightly redesigned the icons when the Gboard is resized for one-handed use, though functionality remains the same. Even so, you can no longer see how small or large the letters are when resizing the keyboard, a weird change but one that could be exorcised in future updates.

Google also slightly redesigned the Gboard toolbar with a new GIF button. This now gives folks three different ways to find and send GIFs in Gboard, though these options are all hidden.

Finally, Google gave the Theme page in settings a small uplift, with the page no longer separating Custom, Recently used, Colors, and Landscapes. Instead, the theme page is displayed as a grid, with the “Show more” option for all sections expanding them rather than taking you to a different page.

As is the case with updates, Gboard’s 6.4 beta might not show up right away in the Play Store, but we have the download link below in case you are interested.

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