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Ray tracing is coming to mobile, and more news from Gary Explains

Ray tracing is coming to mobile and our Windows Terminal review — here is the top news you need to know from Gary Explains.

Published onJune 15, 2020

PowerVR model of car ray trace with PRISM arch

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Ray Tracing is coming to mobile: Ray Tracing is a hot topic for PC owners. However, it won’t be long before hardware Ray Tracing could make its way into a smartphone. Imagination Technologies is working on hardware ray tracing for its next-generation IMG B-Series GPU. (YouTube)

Windows terminal review and customization tricks: Microsoft’s new terminal application is modern, fast, and highly configurable. You can run tabs and panes with the Power Shell, the Command Prompt, and with Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) shells like Ubuntu. Here is my review and customization tricks. (YouTube)

Use any Raspberry Pi to build a NAS — A step by step guide: You can use any Raspberry Pi board to build a NAS (Network Attached Storage). It doesn’t even need to be a Raspberry Pi, you can use an ODROID or an Orange Pi or even an NVIDIA Jetson Nano or Xavier NX. Here is my step by step guide on how to build a Raspberry Pi NAS. (YouTube)

How to Use the Raspberry Pi Imager (including a helpful tip): Raspbian has been renamed as Raspberry Pi OS and there is a new way to make SD cards for the Pi – The Raspberry Pi Imager. Here is a quick how-to tutorial including an important tip that saved me loads of time and stress. (YouTube)

Nerds only need apply

  • Sony PlayStation 5: Everything you need to know
  • Android 11 beta: Take a dive into the first Android 11 beta.
  • Rumor: In-display cameras will finally be real on next-generation Snapdragon 875 phones (Android Authority).
  • Recovering the Lost Apollo 10 LM Software: Mike Stewart was able to recover the previously lost Apollo 10 LM software, as flown (also known as Luminary 69 Rev 2). He shows us how he did it, which, fair warning, is a pretty technical hack. And contrary to (yet another) internet myth, the flown software would have been perfectly capable of landing Apollo 10 on the Moon.
  • Stanford’s Deep Multi-Task and Meta Learning: While deep learning has achieved remarkable success in supervised and reinforcement learning problems, these models are, specialized for a single task. This course will cover the setting where there are multiple tasks to be solved, and study how the structure arising from multiple tasks can be leveraged to learn more efficiently or effectively.
  • Making a SNES game in 2020: Making new games for retro consoles is something that amateur developers can do quite easily thanks to today’s technology.
  • Intel reveals first 3D Lakefield processors with stacked cores: designed for ultraportable, foldable, and dual-screen devices (Engadget)
  • You can block YouTube ads by adding a dot to the URL, on desktop only. C. Scott makes the point that’ll hurt creators who rely on advertising though…. Just like media websites… (Android Authority).
  • A (very) basic intro to elliptic curve cryptography: A basic introduction to elliptic curve cryptography
  • Maze Algorithms: including recursive backtracking, Eller’s algorithm, and Wilson’s Algorithm
  • Building a DNS server from scratch in Rust: Gain a deep understanding of DNS while doing something interesting with Rust
  • Staff Picks: 7 things Lily Katz uses every day (Android Authority)


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