While Gameloft may already offer a decent version of UNO, that isn’t stopping the developer from improving upon it. The studio has launched an announcement trailer unveiling its second UNO game, UNO & Friends.

UNO & Friends promises to bring the thrill of the classic competitive card game UNO to Android, iOS and Facebook. Unlike Gameloft’s previous UNO game, UNO & Friends will let players create their own multiplayer games with friends, family and even other random players around the world.

Players have no need to worry about a lack of players to compete against, as Gameloft has added cross-platform multiplayer support to the game. Players, whether they be on Android, iOS or at home on Facebook, will be able to compete with each other seamlessly. Those players will also be able to start a game on Facebook and pick up where they left off on an Android or iOS device.

In addition to the droves of multiplayer features, you’ll be able to customize your game with unique avatars, different background themes and themed card decks too. With social features being at the core of UNO & Friends, Gameloft has added a weekly and all-time leaderboard to the game where players can compete for the top ranks.

If you’re a big fan of UNO and are looking forward to its dazzling multiplayer aspects, be sure to keep an eye out, as the game should be available very soon!

Brad Ward
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