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Galaxy S6 memory leak reportedly fixed

Tired of the memory leak on Android Lollipop and/or the Samsung Galaxy S6? If you're rooted, you're in luck as these steps will reportedly fix your issue!

Published onJune 10, 2015


One of the biggest issues in Android Lollipop – which we’ve discussed on our Friday Debate Podcast several times – is the RAM management issue, otherwise known as the memory leak. The issue affects all Lollipop devices – albeit with varying effects on different devices – and on the Galaxy S6, it’s one of the biggest issues plaguing the handset.

However, S6 owners who have rooted their handsets may be able to fix the issues, with a post on XDA-Developer reportedly showing you how to fix the issue by tweaking your build.prop settings. Here’s how to fix your S6 RAM issues (all instructions courtesy of XDA-Developers):

In your build.prop under #DHA Properties change these two lines:


Add these 4 lines:


Scroll down beyond the DHA properties where the other properties are stored and remove duplicate entires of


Finally this one will change your LMK values:


As with all fixes like this, you’ll need root access and we’d certainly not recommend doing this if you are not comfortable with the risks, which include potentially bricking your handset and leaving you without a working device.

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According to the comments on the XDA thread, the build.prop fix results in massive memory improvements but when using apps like Chrome or apps calling webpages via Webview (or Tinfoil for Facebook), the memory management is still really bad. This is kernel related meaning it requires flashing a kernel to your handset but again, only do this if you are really comfortable with the steps involved.

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The Galaxy S6 might be the best handset this year but like all Lollipop devices, the memory leak issue is a concern. On the Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge, the optimised software – which includes a lack of bloatware – offers one of the fastest experiences on the market and fixing the build.prop reportedly makes it much faster as well. For those who don’t want to edit the build.prop, the memory leak issue is expected to be included in the Android 5.1 Lollipop update, which will bring a range of new features as well.

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