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The best funny movies on Hulu: Unwind with a healthy laugh

Laughter is the best form of therapy, so take a look at these titles to let off some steam!

Published onMarch 23, 2022

Hulu movies for kids stock photo 1

Streaming a good comedy movie is always a great way to unwind after a long day at work. Thankfully, there’s a healthy number of funny movies on Hulu. We decided to check out comedies currently available and have picked the best funny movies on Hulu. You can sign up for the service at the link below.

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The best funny movies on Hulu:

Editor’s note: We will be updating this list as more comedies debut on Hulu and others are removed from the service.


booksmart -- funny movies on hulu

Released in 2019, this is not just one of the best funny movies on Hulu; it may be the best comedy film on the service right now. Actress Olivia Wilde made her directorial debut with Booksmart. It centers on two high school seniors who are about to graduate.

They figured out that they spent far too much time studying and not enough time just having fun. So, naturally, the duo decides to cram all that missing fun into one wild night. It’s not exactly a realistic look at high school life. However, Booksmart will make you laugh a lot while watching the antics of these two students and the other folks they encounter.

The Binge

The Binge funny movies on Hulu

This movie is like The Purge, but instead of murder and hideous crime, the government makes drugs and alcohol legal for one day. All drugs and alcohol are illegal the rest of the year, so you can imagine how crazy people party this single day.

High school students Griffin, Hags, and Andrew are in on the fun for the first time. You can be sure it’s one of the best funny movies on Hulu, given the amount of partying the trio is about to experience. It’s not all fun and games, though. They encounter friendship, relationships, and plenty of other issues along the way.


Deadpool 2 HBO movies
20th Century Fox

Ryan Reynolds made adapting this fourth wall-breaking Marvel anti-superhero character his passion project and it became a surprise box office hit in 2016. The Merc with a Mouth was made for Reynolds and his sharp wit, and he also has the looks and build to pull off that outfit.  It’s definitely one of the best funny movies on Hulu. However, it’s R rating will keep the kids away. You can also check out the not-quite-as-good sequel, Deadpool 2, on Hulu.

Vacation Friends

vacation friends

This Hulu original movie became a surprise streaming hit in 2021. It’s easy to see why. This film is a bit of a throwback to those wacky “Vacation” films of the 1980s and 1990s. A normal couple head to a vacation resort, but encounter another, much wilder, couple and join them for several days of crazy antics. However, the normal couple want to leave their new “friends” behind after the vacation is over. Cut to several months later, and the normal couple are about to get married, unaware that their “vacation friends” are about to crash the party.


Buffaloed movie

Peg Dahl (Zoey Deutch) grew up in Buffalo, New York. She never identified with her hometown and wants to go to a faraway Ivy League school. The protagonist soon realizes university is expensive, though. She must somehow get enough money and becomes a debt collector. No easy profession, and you can already assume it will make for some good laughs.

The Other Guys

the other guys hulu funny

This 2010 movie, directed by Anchorman’s Adam McKay, is a parody of all those buddy cop movies that we have watched in the past few decades. Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg are two NYPS cops who have seen better days. However, after the best cop partners on the force die (in very funny cameos by Samuel L. Jackson and Dwayne Johnson) it’s up to Ferrell and Wahlberg to step up and take down the bad guys. It offers plenty of laughs and some unexpected twists, making it one of the best funny movies on Hulu.

The Upside

the upside

Based on a French comedy, this film stars the unlikely team of Brian Cranston and Kevin Hart. Cranston’s character is a rich man who is also a quadriplegic and needs constant assistance. An ad for such an assistant brings over Hart’s character, a recent parolee who is just looking for a job. There are a lot of comedic lines and scenes in this film but there’s also a good share of drama as the two men learn from each other.  This makes this film a great option for funny movies on Hulu.

The Princess Bride

princess bride
20th Century Fox

Director Rob Reiner was at his best with this truly classic comedy film. On the surface, its a romantic fantasy that centers on a princess that finds true love with a farmhand, but is taken away from him by an evil prince. Can this farmhand rescue the princess and find true love? This movie takes a ton of fantasy tropes and turns them around to make The Princess Bride a funny, but still romantic and at times dramatic film to watch.

The Croods: A New Age

The Croods A New Age

The Croods are onto new adventures as they search for a new home. They find a nice place, but others are living there. This time there are more humans involved. They are… unique. There is a bit of a culture crash, jealousy, adaptation, and plenty of laughs. It’s definitely one of the best funny movies on Hulu, and it’s a great title to enjoy with the kids.

Palm Springs

Palm Springs best original streaming movies

This 2020 original Hulu movie was a big hit in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic. A young woman (Cristin Milioti) heads to a Palm Springs, California hotel to attend her sister’s wedding. However, she soon gets caught in a time loop along with another wedding attendee (Andy Samberg). The two quickly bond as they go through loop after loop, but soon realize they need to break this cycle. This movie is funny, but it soon gets pretty emotional and that makes it one of the best funny movies on Hulu.

Honorable mentions

Here are a few more funny movies on Hulu that didn’t quite make our top 10 list:

  • Demolition Man – A cop and a crook from the 1990s (Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes) get frozen and wake up in a very politically correct future in this action-comedy.
  • Sweet Home Alabama – Reese Witherspoon comes home to her small Southern town before she gets married to an NYC socialite in this classic rom-com.
  • Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar – Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo wrote and star in this 2021 comedy about two best friends who go on a very different vacation.
  • Date Night – Steve Carrell and Tina Fey play a married couple who just want a nice time in the city. Their date night quickly takes some very funny turns.
  • Juno – A young pregnant teenager has to deal with the consequences in her own way in this film.

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