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Streaming a good comedy movie is always a great way to unwind after a long day at work. Thankfully, Hulu has quite a number of funny movies to stream on its service. We decided to check out what comedies were currently available, and we have picked what we believe are the top funny movies on Hulu.

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The best funny movies on Hulu:

Editor’s Note: We will be updating this list as more comedies debut on Hulu and others are removed from the service.

1. Booksmart

booksmart -- funny movies on hulu

Released in 2019, this is not just one of the best funny movies on Hulu, it may be the best comedy film on the service right now. Actress Olivia Wilde made her directorial debut with Booksmart. It centers on two high school seniors who are about to graduate.

They figured out that they spent far too much time studying and not enough time just having fun. So, naturally, the duo decide to cram all that missing fun into one wild night. It’s not exactly a realistic look at high school life. However, Booksmart will make you laugh a lot while watching the antics of these two students, and the other folks they encounter.

2. Sorry to Bother You

Sorry to bother you funny movie

This 2018 dark comedy comes from rapper Boots Riley in his excellent debut as a film writer and director. Lakeith Stanfield plays a black man who pays the bills as a telemarketer and then discovers he can be more successful by using his “white voice”.

Riley uses his film at first to makes some points about race relations, but later he and the movie go off in a whole other direction that we won’t reveal here. It’s funny, thought-provoking and, thankfully, entertaining as well. It’s a no-brainer as one of the best movies on Hulu.

3. Election

election comedy Hulu movie

Here’s another comedy about high school, but Election takes a much different direction than Booksmart. Released in 1999, it focuses on yet another student with a sharp focus. However, Tracy Flick, played to perfection by Reese Witherspoon, is much more serious.

All Tracy wants is to be voted student club president, and it looks like she is going to run unopposed. The school’s principal, played by Matthew Broderick, doesn’t want this to happen and convinces the school’s star football player Paul Metzler to run against Tracy. Needless to say, things don’t go as planned. Election takes a satirical look at high school popularity, with funny and somewhat dark results.

4. Heathers

Heathers movie on Hulu

If you like your comedies with a very dark edge, then Heathers is definitely one you should stream on Hulu. The 1989 cult favorite stars Winona Ryder as a teenager who joins the “Heathers,” a group of extremely cruel girls who believe they rule their local high school. Ryder’s character gets tired of the Heathers and how they treat everyone else at the school and wants out of the group.

Enter Christian Slater’s character who gets together with Ryder in a plot to take down the Heathers, and that leads into some funny, but also very dark, areas. It’s not for everyone, but this movie became a huge hit not only because it’s hilarious, but also because it has some messages on teens and their quest to be popular.

5. Book Club

book club hulu

This 2018 movie features four great actresses: Diane Keaton, Jane Fonda, Candice Bergen, and Mary Steenburgen. Their characters form a book club, but when they pick and start reading their newest novel, the erotic Fifty Shades of Grey, each of them tries to broaden their horizons, so to speak. The story doesn’t matter as much as seeing these four great comedic actresses all at once, playing characters that are older but still full of life.

6. Spaceballs

funny movies on hulu -- spaceballs

The great Mel Brooks co-wrote and directed this 1987 parody of Star Wars. While it’s not his funniest film, it still has a lot of great comedic moments as Brooks does his best to skewer George Lucas’s original sci-fi film trilogy.

Look for some other sci-fi moments that get the parody treatment in Spaceballs, including a particularly memorable sequence based on Alien. May The Schwartz be with you while you watch this funny movie on Hulu.

7. Super


A few years before James Gunn entered the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Guardians of the Galaxy, he wrote and directed another type of superhero film. Released in 2010, this dark comedy stars Rainn Wilson who has a psychotic break after his wife leaves him for a drug dealer. He makes a superhero outfit, and fights crime by swinging a big wrench into the heads of “bad guys.” Needless to say, this is not a superhero film for the kids. It shows a much more realistic look at how masked vigilantes might actually operate in the real world.

8. Isn’t It Romantic?

Isnt It Romantic Best comedies on Hulu

New York architect Natalie is having a hard time getting recognized for her efforts at work. Love is another department she has never had luck in, but everything changes one day when she gets knocked out in a subway mugging. She wakes up in a romantic comedy filled with all cliches.

9. Instant Family

Instant Family Best funny movies on Hulu

Adopting kids through the foster care system is a great choice, but not when kids have no interest in being parented. This is exactly what Pete and Ellie must endure after trying to start an “instant family”. Conflict is plentiful, but love will always endure. Give it a watch and have some fun with these kids’ mischief.

10. Fighting With Family

Fighting with family The best funny movies on Hulu

Paige grew up with a family of wrestlers who run shows for the locals in Norwich, England. Their dreams seem to be coming true as Paige moves up the ranks in the WWE. She must struggle with the hardships of entering this exclusive world as she struggles with family issues.

This movie is emotional, inspirational, and really funny, making it one of the best funny movies on Hulu.

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