The Fossil Q Founder smartwatch has been available from the watch maker’s website for about a couple weeks now, but some of us just want to deal with the Google Store, right? The luxurious wearable has just arrived at Google’s shelves, but that is not the only good news; get this… it’s actually cheaper! Well, at least there is a cheaper version listed.

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The metal iteration of the Fossil Q Founder is still $295, but Google also lists a version with a leather band, which would cost $275. The more affordable variant is not available just yet, though. It is listed as “coming soon”.

Fossil Q Founder 4

By the way, this little guy comes with all the specs you would expect from a good Android Wear watch. Fossil’s smartwatch packs 4 GB of internal storage, a 400 mAh battery, IP67 certification and a design that is to die for. I mean, there’s a reason we listed it in our best gifts under $500 shopping guide.

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Not to mention that this watch comes from a manufacturer with ample experience in making wrist watches. This must be another level of craftsmanship, and though I haven’t actually held one of these, they sure look gorgeous. Are any of you thinking about buying a Fossil Q Founder?

Edgar Cervantes
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