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You told us: Here's how often you use floating app windows (if at all)

Almost half of all polled readers said they've never used floating app windows.

Published onFebruary 22, 2022

MIUI 12 floating window

Floating app windows have been around on Android for years now, allowing you to open and use apps while still doing other things on your phone. It joins split-view multitasking as one of the more practical yet under-the-radar features on the platform.

We’ve already asked Android Authority readers about how often they use split-view multitasking, but what about floating app windows? We posed this question last week and here’s how readers responded.

Do you use floating app windows on your phone?


Over 3,300 votes were cast as of writing, and it turns out that almost 47% of polled readers have never used floating app windows before. We’re guessing that people who don’t use floating windows prefer traditional multitasking (i.e. switching between full-screen apps) or split-view multitasking instead.

Just over 17% of respondents say they use floating app windows every day, followed by almost 12% who say they use it every week. Furthermore, 10.29% of polled readers say they use it once or twice a month. This means that almost 40% of respondents use the feature at least once a month.

Finally, 6.3% of voters say they use floating app windows every few months, and 7.5% say they use it roughly once a year.


  • SyCoREAPER: Split – yes, Floating – no
  • sonicsynth2000: floating apps, and split screen are some of the best uses of android
  • Evie: No floating apps, no conversation bubbles and no floating hot buttons. They annoy me, irrationally so.
  • Choda Boy: I use floating app windows for quick replies to messages. I use split-screen for longer use of two apps simultaneously. I love having options.
  • Andy Paunov: My phone is running Android 6.0 and the feature is unavailable. On my previous device though, which had Android 7.1, I used to open up split screen every few months, for something.
  • fearlessferret: If YouTube’s PiP mode counts, they yes, daily. If not, then never. I voted yes, because hey, it’s a floating window!
  • Staicu: Yep they’re perfect for multitasking. Always nice to have options.
  • Tennisfreak: I find the floating windows annoying. I prefer to use Samsung ability to force all apps into split screen mode. Much more useful and user friendly.
  • Seela: On large displays yeah. On phones, uh…
  • Johne-bike: I’ve played around with all the various multi task layouts on my Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, including floating app windows, but never have found them a benefit for my use despite Samsung offering multiple and easy ways to have multi tasking on one screen. I just prefer just to swipe up my open apps via gestures, and swap between my popular open apps with that method.

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