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Meet Flic: the wireless Smart Button

Flic is a simple wireless button that lets you create shortcuts to various actions that are connected to your smartphone.

Published onJune 9, 2015

Flic button 1

Don’t you think that life be more fun with more buttons, preferably the big red unlabelled kind that would make your house look more like a supervillain’s layer? Enter Flic, a wireless button that you can stick anywhere and that communicates with your smartphone to perform a variety of tasks.

The little button can control your lights or heating if you have a smart home setup, connect up to Spotify and control your music without needing to reach into your pocket, or can be used to simply take pictures, find your phone or call a number in your address book. Flic isn’t just about expanding home automation though, the company is also advertising it as a security device, which can send our GPS data or a distress message if you’re in trouble, or to turn on navigation functions in your car.

Flic button 2

The Flic button connects up to your smartphone via Bluetooth, where you can use an easy to navigate UI to designate a task to your button. Each button can be programmed with three settings, one for a click, double click or long hold. The Android apps works on device running Android 4.3 or later as long as the handset supports Bluetooth 4.0.

The promotional video below can probably do a better job than me at explaining all the various features and combinations possible with Flic.

If Flic has caught your fancy, there are range of packages available depending on how many buttons you want. The IndieGoGo project was 801 percent funded a while back, but you can still order Flic buttons as an early adopter. A pack of 4 costs $99 (25 percent off the final retail price), or you can grab just a single Flic for $39 or 6 of the little things for $149.

Orders can be made through the main Flic website and the company ships world wide, albeit with the usual additional costs. As the funding campaign has come to an end and production is already under way, your Flics will arrive within 8 weeks of purchase.

Although the company isn’t advertising Flic with trap door or hound unleashing functionality, I still might get one to spruce up my lair desk. What would you do with a Flic button?

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