Fleksy Keyboard AA

In an effort to bring its wonderful text prediction to more users, Fleksy, one of the best third party keyboard apps on Android, has just dropped in price from $1.99 to free. The Fleksy team will still offer premium content within the app, but using the keyboard with its basic functionality will now be free for all users from here on out.

If you’ve previously purchased the app, the developers didn’t forget about you. Previous buyers of the app will have access to a handful of new themes and extension slots that are normally worth $8 if purchased separately.

Not only is the keyboard going free, but it’s also receiving quite the update that will bring along with it some new functionality. There’s a new feature called Highlights, which means that Fleksy will now better assist with GIF, sticker and other content discovery based on what you’re typing. Now you’ll only need to tap on the auto-recommended hashtag and Fleksy will show you content that it thinks you want to see, instead of manually searching for stickers and GIFs.

Speaking from experience, Fleksy offers up some of the most unique features and best word prediction available on a third party Android keyboard. It was well worth a download when it was $1.99 in the Google Play Store, and now that it’s free, everyone should give it a shot. If you’re interested, head to the Play Store link below to try it out.

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