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There's a bizarre fix for the LG G6's not-quite-perfectly rounded corners

There's a bizarre fix for the LG G6's oddly-curved display corners: use a solution meant to emulate the G6 look on the G6 itself.

Published onMarch 10, 2017

In the category of “I can’t believe we need this” there is a bizarre fix for the not-quite-perfectly-curved display corners of the LG G6. You know the problem: rather than a perfect quarter circle from the flat lines of the vertical and horizontal edges of the LG G6’s screen, there’s a weird toenail-clipper curve going on instead.

The curved corners on the LG G6 are not just cosmetic

Sure, it’s a pretty minor “problem” but it’s the kind of thing that can’t be unseen once you notice it. Now, most folks would simply make their peace with LG dropping the ball on this small element of quality control and move on, but the folks at XDA Developers are never ones to let something rest until they’ve got it working just right.

Senior XDA developer flyperinc has built an app called Cornerfly which artificially emulates the curved display look of the LG G6 and S8 by “coloring in” the corners with black pixels. A simple fix, yes, but an effective one, especially on devices with a black front bezel. While the app can deliver the G6 look on any Android phone, it also works a treat on the LG G6 itself, as ironic as that is.

There’s a free version of the app in Google Play that can tidy things up a little, but if you want complete control over the curve you’ll need to fork out a buck to ramp the curvature slider up even further (XDA suggests 18). Cornerfly works best on AMOLED screens, and the higher the resolution the better, but it also works fine on LCD displays with high contrast ratios like the G6. There are other apps available too if you want to enjoy the fruits without paying for the labor.

That we need an app solution to a manufacturing problem like this is kind of ridiculous. A tiny bit more attention to detail from LG and we wouldn’t be having such a silly discussion. Or the next one about whether it was worth the effort to physically round the corners of the G6 display rather than just use a software solution in the first place. The good news though is that if we’re nitpicking about things like this in 2017, we have to acknowledge just how good phones are these days.

Had you noticed the G6’s weird corners? Would you pay a dollar for an app to fix it?

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