Firefox Browser welcome

Firefox Browser may live permanently in the shadows of Chrome, but the app is surprisingly good and really deserves more recognition than it gets. The Firefox update to v44 adds a bunch of new features, including cloud printing support, a new homepage option, improved “open tabs” screen and search history suggestions.

In combination with Firefox on desktop, Mozilla is putting forward a pretty strong case for checking it out, especially if you haven’t done so for a while. For example, the desktop version of Firefox recently added Web Push, a feature that allows the browser to deliver pop-up notifications just like on Android without needing the tab open.

Firefox Browser tab manager

Back to the Android app, this is the second big update Firefox has received in a month, with the previous bump to v43 updating the Android interface, adding the tab audio indicator, and reading list tweaks. Today’s update to v44 delivers the ability to set a homepage (as opposed to the Top Sites panel), a new tab manager page and support for cloud printing.

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Firefox will now prompt you before opening Intent URIs in a private tab and will show search history suggestions. The app has also added a web-based Firefox Accounts page and there’s some technical security protocol and certificates changes. If you have the browser installed it will update automatically, and if you don’t you should give it a look, because it’s fast, stable and secure.