Fingr review

What is Fingr?

Fingr is a new social network app that focuses on location-based chat. Unlike other social media apps and sites, Fingr relies on an open-forum style of communication. Think of it like a location-based Reddit. The app is currently free in the Google Play Store.

Here is the premise. Wherever you go, Fingr gives you the opportunity to communicate with other people who are there. It can be discussions about the place or event you’re attending or you can help get people caught up on what’s going on. You can interact with people in your general vicinity so you’re not locked to only talking to people from one specific location. The UI is heavily map based with some typical chat UI spread throughout.

There is a bit of a learning curve with this application because its advantages are not immediately obvious. Aside from location-based chatting, you can also do things like put together scavenger hunts of popular landmarks in the area, construct a travel guide for visitors, and even post lost pet fliers. It’s a little more deep than expected even if the most fun features are buried under the main premise.

It also relies on a point system to encourage people to become “bigger heroes”. This is Fingr’s way of rewarding people who engage with the app the most and help others engage better. It’s not a total waste of time because it also encourages people to expand the app and that helps get others involved.

fingr screenshot

Yet another social network but this one can be useful.


Location-based, open-forum discussion eliminates the need for things like friends and followers.
Extra features like missing pet fliers, travel guide construction, and scavenger hunts are a nice touch.
It's a free app and the UI looks good even if it's a little cluttered.
The concept as a whole is interesting.


The UI is quite busy and it takes some getting used to.
Like all new social networks, you'll have to bug people to to join with you so you have people to interact with.

Bottom Line

Overall, it’s a fun experience if you have people active in your area. This is definitely one of those instances where you’ll have to convince some people to do join with you so you have something to do if your city doesn’t have a lot of active users. At least it’s free.

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