You reach for your phone only to find its not there. It’s also not on the desk, in your coat, or anywhere in your immediate vicinity. You don’t remember where you put it — at all. We’ve all been there, but thankfully there’s a number of “find my phone” type solutions that make locating your phone a breeze, including Android Device Manager.

Of course, getting into Device Manager requires a few steps, such as typing in the address (or selecting it from your bookmark menu, etc). What if you could simply type in “find my phone” into Google search and ADM would then do its magic? Now you can!


Typing find my phone will bring up a card in search that will locate your phone and give you the choice of ringing it. You’ll still need to have Android Device Manager location services set up on your phone in order for this method to work, but it is certainly a quicker way to locate your phone using your computer.

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