Field Trip on Glass

Some things are just destined to be, and Field Trip for Glass is one of them. Today, Niantic Labs announced their uber-popular exploration app is coming to Glass. If you’re keeping score, that’s one of Google’s coolest apps on one of their most impressive and sought after pieces of hardware.

Those who use Field Trip as if it were a drug (me, for instance) know how impressive it is, and how smart it makes you look. Right now your phone or tablet alerts you to cool spots you’re near, and feeds you really interesting information. That, of course, means you’re looking at your phone and everyone knows you’re not smart.

Field Trip on Glass, though? You’ll look like a genius! Nobody will know Field Trip just gave you a bunch of cool info, and you can feign brilliance.

For what Field Trip is, and what it’s meant to do, Glass was a no-brainer. While Niantic is clearly focussed on all methods of delivery for their drugs (yeah, Field Trip and Ingress are addicting), Glass is the most glaring example of just how integral Field Trip can really be to your life. Check out the video below, and see it in action on Glass.