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New Fallout Shelter game announced, coming to Android later

Bethesda just announced a new game we weren't expecting. They call it Fallout Shelter and it's pretty much a much cooler version of The Sims!

Published onJune 15, 2015


Are you a fan of the Fallout franchise? If so, you were probably paying close attention to your news feed as Bethesda took the stage at E3 2015. They gave us some details on Fallout 4, which is really what everyone was expecting, but they also gave mobile fans some love.

Bethesda has been working on this since back in 2007, when they said they felt this game “would be perfect on a touch screen, and it would be no better anywhere else.” The game is called Fallout Shelter, and it pretty much puts control of a vault right at your fingertips.


And no, this is not your typical Fallout title, full of action-packed shootings and intense scenarios. It also is not a port, like when Fallout landed on the LG G Watch last year.  Think of it as… a much cooler version of The Sims. You would be controlling the vault and its residents, making sure all operations are running to a tee.

You can level up your characters, by making new quarters in the premises. Bars give you more charisma, gyms make you stronger, classrooms build intelligence, etc. Oh, and there is a bit of sexual playfulness in the game. Couples can “go into a room” and when they come out they are happier… and the female is pregnant. Yes, your characters can reproduce!

You are pretty much managing their lives, and we all know life is full of unexpected events. In Fallout Shelter there can be fires, infestations and raider attacks.

The game may not be what we expect from a Fallout title, but it sure is awesome! Want in on it? The game is available for iOS devices only now, but it has been confirmed that an Android version is coming sometime soon. We just have to wait a bit longer. You can go ahead and download it if you have an iOS device lying around, though. It’s also free to play. And not in the silly limited way other games are.

Bethesda is putting no cool down timers on this game, and there is no need for a data connection to continue playing. Just pure fun!

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