Facebook AA watermark

Facebook is no stranger to switching things up every now and then, especially when it comes to its mobile applications for Android and iOS. It looks like a few users have been experiencing some of these changeups as of late, as Facebook appears to be testing a new version of its News Feed that will more effectively give you the information you want to see at the appropriate times.

According to the screenshots taken by Jason Stein, Facebook looks to be testing multiple, topic-based News Feeds in its mobile apps. The new News Feeds will work similar to the way Facebook’s (iOS only) Paper app works, where it will sort posts from people and pages in different sections. There will still be a traditional News Feed section, but it will supposedly be accompanied by secondary feeds, such as “Style”, “Headlines” and “Travel.”

A Facebook representative told The Verge:

People have told us they’d like new options to see and have conversations about more stories on Facebook around specific topics they’re interested in. So we are testing feeds for people to view different stories from people and Pages based on topic areas.

In addition to this switch, Facebook is also more widely testing a Marketplace feature that’s been in development for a few months. The feature will be tucked away in its own Shopping section. There will be a dedicated button for Shopping, as well. Once you press the button, you’ll be able to browse and purchase items that are for sale by various Pages you’ve liked. For right now, only a small percentage of users in the U.S. can access this feature, and supposedly it’s pretty far off from seeing a wider rollout.

We’re not sure when these new changes will be rolled out to the masses, but we’ll surely let you know when we learn more.