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Want to edit tweets? New ability coming soon to Fenix for Twitter

The ability to edit tweets may never officially come to Twitter, but the Fenix for Twitter client is currently working an a "recall tweet" feature.

Published onJune 23, 2017

On the long list of internet needs and wants, one wish has remained at the top for so long it’s almost inexcusable that it has never been granted. That wish is the ability to edit tweets. Not a single Twitter user has avoided the pain of putting something inanely misspelt into the world, only to have no other recourse but to delete the tweet entirely. Not for long.

twitter users: let us edit tweets
twitter: the stars are now hearts
twitter users: an edit button please
twitter: we made everything round
— Haley Byrd (@byrdinator) June 15, 2017

Matteo Villa, developer of popular Twitter client Fenix, has shared a new feature he is working on that essentially allows Twitter users to edit tweets. Kind of a delayed posting mechanism, the feature demoed below lets you submit a Tweet and then review the contents for a short period of time before it actually goes live. At any time during this grace period you can recall it and edit to your heart’s content. Check it out.

— Matteo Villa (@mttvll) June 22, 2017

Villa later confirmed that the feature will let users set a specific “undo” timeframe. The ability has not yet been added to the preview version of Fenix 2, but if and when it does go live, Fenix will have instantly made itself the most indispensable Twitter client on the planet. Whatever that app ends up costing will absolutely be worth it. Something similar is already available in Textra for editing SMS, by the way.

Of course, there are multiple good reasons why editing tweets after the fact has not yet happened; all manner of confusion and misdirection would start taking place. But if the case for editing tweets is never going to go anywhere – by adding a prominent ‘edited’ tag and making the edit history viewable – the ability to temporarily delay the posting of a tweet is the next best thing.

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