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eBay’s valet service has spawned a handy way for you to handover your handset and let someone else handle the selling part of the sales process in a system the online marketplace is calling Quick Sale.

Maybe “Quicker Sale” is a more apt name for it, because it’ll require less time to turn your old smartphone into electronic funds. But that conversion process will still take about a week or so. With Quick Sale, you simply send it your old smartphone to one of eBay’s valets and they’ll sell it on your behalf. eBay estimates that it’ll take about five business days for a valet to receive your phone.

After a valet has verified that your phone is in as good of a state as you say it is, it’ll take about two to three more days for you to receive payment for it. The whole process should take seven to 10 days to complete.

Before sending your phone away, you’ll need to submit a declare its model and condition. From there, Quick Sale will generate an estimate of how much money your phone will fetch and a free shipping label.

Along with generate the phone’s Quick Sale value, it’ll also tell you how much you’re likely to make if you sell the phone on your own. The Quick Sale value of the phone will come in lower, as it accounts for the valet’s cut of the sale.

There are some minimum requirements for candidates of eBay Quick Sale. Phones must have a market value of at least $100, arrive in fair or good condition and their serial numbers have to still be visible. Quick Sale will turn away phones that are too old, ill gotten, or one-of-a kind items such as collectors editions.

eBay says it launched Quick Sale in anticipation of an uptick in iPhone 6s and 6s Plus sales, since Apple is just days away from releasing the iPhone 7 series. The 2014 models, the 6 and 6 Plus, were going for about 25 percent more last September that they were after the 2015 models launched.

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With Google planning to showcase its first Pixel-branded phones next month, now might be a good time for Nexus owners to monitor 6P and 5X prices on eBay. The expected October 4 event is expected to be filled with Daydream VR tech and phones worthy of a name change, so your current device could take a big hit in value if we all flood the market with our current tech in favor of upgrading to a Pixel and Pixel XL handsets.

And whether you use Quick Sale or not, it seems like a good tool for helping you assess how much money you can expect to get from your current smartphone.

Check out Quick Sale on eBay!

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