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E3 Gameloft demo: obliterate towns with dragon fire on Siegefall

We got to test an awesome trio of upcoming titles from Gameloft at E3. Our favorite was definitely Siegefall, but let us run you through all of them.

Published onJune 18, 2015

No gaming convention would be complete without paying a visit to Gameloft, one of the biggest mobile game developers around. Countless of their titles have tirelessly cluttered app store top lists and they certainly aren’t planning to slow down anytime soon. Their upcoming trio of games are all but guaranteed to be hits, so you can be sure we got to play around with them at E3 2015.

These games are Siegefall, Despicable Me: Minion Rush and Brothers in Arms 3: Sons of War. The former was the most exciting to us, and luckily it was also the one we got a better chance to test.


This game allows you to control troops and attack other bases as you improve your army. Oh, and there’s dragons involved! My first reaction is that this game is awfully similar to Clash of Clans. You can build your base and improve your defenses. Upgrading your weapons and warriors is also possible. The idea is to get as strong as possible and build yourself up in order to keep advancing in this endless race to the top of this magical medieval world.

The main difference with games like Clash of Clans is that Siegefall adopts a bit of a more complex nature. For one, the game’s graphics are among the best we have seen for this style of games. The game is also more complex. Your tactics will play an important part in your battles, as well as the outcome within them, and you have to formulate the best techniques to keep your base strong.

Seige Fall Hands On-8

You can choose to be more tactical and play it safe, or you can have fun and unleash your dragons and boulders on enemies, terrorizing them down to their knees. Oh, and I am also loving that there will be both single player and multiplayer modes.

We couldn’t check out all aspects of the game, but it’s looking like one hell of a good time. I am sure I will spend countless hours playing around with it. It is amazingly addictive, entertaining and designed for many, many hours of playing. The game is free to play, too, but there will be some in-app purchases. You can buy gems and use them to upgrade your base/troops or speed up your progress.

Despicable Me: Minion Rush

So let’s move on to the other Gameloft titles we got to take a look at. Are you a Despicable Me fan? If so, you will love Minion Rush. It is an online multiplayer runner game, but it’s not quite like Temple Run or Spider Man Unlimited.

The idea is that you, along with many other minions, would be running down a straight path and trying to beat each other while avoiding obstacles. The difference here is that all minions run at the same speed, so you depend on offensive and defensive weapons in order to get ahead of others. This is not your basic game – it’s fun, interactive and really manages to keep you on your toes.


Brothers in Arms 3: Sons of War

We weren’t able to really test out this title due to technical limitations, but we ran around the map and shoot for a bit. In its final release, users will be able to jump into multiplayer matches and start shooting around. It’s your typical war game, with free-for-alls and team death matches. It should be fun and seems like an amazingly well-developed game.



So these are some of the titles Gameloft will be bringing to the table in the near future, so make sure to stay tuned to our homepage to learn more about them. You can be sure we will be on top of all these awesome games as soon as more details emerge. So far all we know is that Siegefall will be released on all platforms come June 24th, so next week! That sure is fast, isn’t it?

But tell us, guys. Which of these was your favorite?

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