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Draw a Stickman: Adventure, RPG, and puzzle game in one


Published onNovember 29, 2012

Drawing was one of my frustrations when I was a kid. I would always gape in awe every time I watched my older brother draw shapes, lines, and curves with so little effort to come up with a sketch. Lacking the talent to draw, I was limited to drawing anime and basic figures. People who share the same sentiment have settled for drawing the most elementary manifestation of the human form — the stick figure.

This time around, you can watch your drawings come to life in Hitcents’ innovative game, Draw a Stickman: EPIC. The game is an adventure game, RPG, and puzzle game in one with a cool new game mechanism mixed in.

Draw a Stickman: EPIC follows the story of a stick man, which you draw at the start of the game. Stickman’s friend got sucked into a book and Stickman has set out to search for his friend and rescue him. Both the main character and his friend are drawable; it is up to you if you want to stick to the conventional way of drawing stick figures or mix and match different shapes to give your Stickman more character.

The game follows a story and every level has challenging puzzles for you to solve. In the first few levels of the game, you can draw the element of fire on wooden things to burn them and on dynamite sticks to set them off. As you progress through the game, more elements and tools can be drawn to aid you and your Stickman in the search of his friend.

Draw a Stickman: EPIC’s gameplay was such a joy to experience. No lags and jitters were present and the game’s transitions were smooth. Drawing in the game can be done using your fingers. If you own an Android device that has a stylus, drawing is made easier. Apart from the element of fire, you also get to draw keys to unlock locks, axes to chop down branches and ward off zombies (yes, there are zombies), rain and thunderclouds for growing flowers or electrocuting zombies.

Each of the game’s levels has puzzle pieces that you need to find. If you manage to find one, you will be able to play a bonus winter level, apart from the 14 main levels in the paid version of the game. The winter level features the Snow Storm Pencil, another tool you have to try to help you avoid obstacles or anything that impedes Stickman in his cause.

Different creatures also constitute some of the game’s levels and using your tools and pencils effectively will definitely spell success. You can choose to redo your drawing, especially if you feel like you’ve drawn fire big enough to include burning your Stickman.

All in all, Draw a Stickman: EPIC is indeed epic. It is a whole new experience in gaming as it gives you freedom to doodle your tools, immersing you in the game’s story. The game’s levels can be replayed over and over until you’ve grown satisfied with the drawings and tactics you’ve made.

Don’t miss out on this awesome game with a really cool concept. Download Draw a Stickman: EPIC today in exchange for nothing from the Google Play Store. If you loved the game to bits, you might want to get the paid version and enjoy more levels. If you want to try something new today, Draw a Stickman: EPIC is just the game app you need.

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