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Doordash will let you tap your card to your phone, but why? (APK teardown)

You could soon tap your card to your phone to verify that it's really you on DoorDash.

Published onMay 7, 2024

doordash featured image
  • DoorDash could let you tap your bank card to your Android phone phone to verify it’s really you.
  • This would require a chip-and-pin card as well as NFC on your Android phone.

DoorDash is one of the most popular food delivery apps in the US, duking it out with Uber Eats, Grubhub, and more. There’s been no shortage of stories online about stolen card info being used to make purchases via these apps, but it looks like DoorDash has a solution.

An APK teardown helps predict features that may arrive on a service in the future based on work-in-progress code. However, it is possible that such predicted features may not make it to a public release.

An Android Authority teardown of the DoorDash version 15.163.19 app for Android reveals numerous strings referencing a “tap to verify” feature. More specifically, it seems like you’ll be able to tap your credit card to your Android phone in order to verify that it’s really you.

<string name="tap_to_verify_loading">"Connecting to your NFC reader, when ready please tap your credit cards chip to the NFC reader on your device. If your card doesn't have a chip tap other options."</string>
<string name="tap_to_verify_more_options">More options</string>
<string name="tap_to_verify_permission_dialog_message">We need require these permissions in order to verify your payment and keep your account secure.</string>
<string name="tap_to_verify_permission_dialog_title">Permissions required</string>
<string name="tap_to_verify_reader_connected">"Please tap your credit cards chip to the NFC reader on your device. If your card doesn't have a chip tap other options."</string>
<string name="tap_to_verify_retry_collecting">Something went wrong while reading your card, please try again.</string>
<string name="tap_to_verify_subtitle">"For your security we would like to verify it's really you. If your card has a chip in it then please tap the card to your devices NFC location when prompted. Otherwise please tap on more options."</string>
<string name="tap_to_verify_title">Card verification required</string>
<string name="tap_to_verify_verifying_card">Verifying your card, please wait...</string>

One of the strings rightfully notes that you need a card with a chip in it to take advantage of this verification process. Otherwise, you’ll need to stick with the legacy verification procedures. You’ll also need NFC on your Android phone, which shouldn’t be a problem for most devices bar some cheap Motorola phones.

Is it a one-time affair, will you need to do this with every order, or could it be somewhere in between? We’re not totally sure how this will work right now. This could still be a welcome layer of security, theoretically helping to prevent criminals from using your card details on DoorDash’s platform.

It’s not the only new feature coming to DoorDash, as the company also seems to be working on restricted profile functionality. There isn’t much to go on, but you can check out the strings below.

<string name="cx_profile_private_toggle_content_desc">"When your profile is public, anyone can see your profile, public reviews, and ratings. When your profile is restricted, it will only display your first name, last initial, and number of public contributions, but not the contents of those contributions. Your public contributions will display on the store page."</string>
<string name="cx_profile_bottom_sheet_desc">See all of your DoorDash contributions — reviews, photos, and more — on your public profile. You can switch your profile to be restricted anytime. %1$s</string>

It seems like this feature will allow you to make your profile private with a toggle. The first string specifically mentions that your full name, public reviews, and ratings won’t be visible on your profile if it’s restricted. This could be handy if you’re simply privacy-conscious, or if you’re worried about stalkers and other types.

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