E3 is taking off next week, but some companies just can’t wait to show off what is coming next. Acclaimed game developer and publisher Square Enix is showing off a new addition to their Deus Ex franchise. The new title goes by the name of Deus Ex GO.

The reveal trailer displays what looks much like Tomb Raider GO and Hitman GO, but with the Deus Ex universe and story line. These “GO” games are full of puzzles and a board game style that requires much more strategy and skill. It is turn-based, so classic RPG fans will feel right at home.

The story revolves around covert agent Adam Jensen, who has to use combat, hacking and augmentations to infiltrate locations and solve puzzles. The team promises a push “in terms of visual treatment and game design”, as well as puzzle maker that should allow users to create their own puzzles. You will be able to share these levels with your friends, substantially elongating play time hours.

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All we know about Deus Ex GO’s launch is that it is  “coming this summer on phones and tablets”. No details on the price have been unveiled, but chances are Square Enix will stick with the $4.99 price point stapled to Tomb Raider GO and Hitman GO.

What do you guys think of these “GO” games from Square Enix? Are you looking to sign up for Deus Ex GO? Surely, these are not for those looking to get more action out of their games, but they seem very well thought out and designed.