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Survey: Here's how you feel about bringing back dessert names for Android

The vast majority of polled readers really want Google to revert to public dessert names.

Published onAugust 5, 2021

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Google hasn’t publicly used dessert names for new Android versions in a few years, opting for numbered versions from Android 10 onwards. But the firm still uses dessert names internally, with Android 12 being dubbed Snow Cone.

News last week pointed to Android 13 being called Tiramisu within Google, but we wanted to know whether readers wanted public-facing dessert names to make a comeback. Here’s how you voted in this poll.

Would you like to see a return to public dessert names for Android?


The poll was posted on July 27, and over 3,500 votes were counted as of writing. The winner here is the “yes” camp, accruing just over 86% of the vote or over 3,100 nods. It’s easy to understand why too, as the dessert names were a departure from naming conventions used by the likes of Windows and iOS.

Public dessert names were also around since the early days of Android, going back to Android 1.5 Cupcake. So we can understand the yearning for this convention to continue. Furthermore, Google still uses dessert names internally, so it’s not like the search giant has to retroactively come up with dessert names for its recent Android versions.

Still, just over 13% of polled readers say they don’t want to see dessert names making a public return. A couple of comments suggest that the current numbering system is “cleaner” or indicative of Google growing up. One reader also reckons Google should indeed stick with code-names but choose something other than desserts.


  • adibuyono: Kinda miss Android with desserts name. It make Android sound unique, and of course, sweet~
  • CR45H 0V3RR1D3: There was a time where I thought they were cute. These days, it just seems cleaner, from a bunch of perspectives, to just use a number.
  • Rabid Rotty: Used to think it was cute, but it was about time Google grew up
  • Brian Bergström: I still call them by their dessert names anyway. All of this because of Pie, being a savory dish in parts of the world, not a dessert.
  • The Windows98 Gamer: We need public dessert names again!!! Calling them by numbers only makes Android look more iDroid imo
  • Cysper: Well actually no, But they should stick with codenames to make it more unique than iOS but they should went with something different other than sweets nowadays to make it feel fresh.
    What about places? like Memphis, Chicago or Nevada. Or what about other cities in other countries? They should stay with codenames than just calling them numbers.

Thanks for voting in this poll and for leaving a comment. What do you think Google should do after reaching Android ‘Z’?

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