What is Desire42?

Desire42 is an adult game for couples who want to both spice up their relationship and have a little fun doing it. It’s essentially a game where couples dare each other to do certain things. It’s currently free in the Google Play Store with no in app purchases.

It is a game and a competitive one at that. There are a bunch of actions that vary in their level of depth and intimacy. You dare your partner to do something and if they do it, they get points. If they refuse, they get no points. Then there’s the vice versa and they can dare you to do things. The winner is the one with the most points when you two decide to quit playing. There is a point system in place that unlocks increasingly intimate challenges. For instance, once you reach 100 points, more dare options will be unlocked for you that are, to use the app’s terminology, more “spicy” than the prior set of dares.

The game is marketed for both new couples and those who have been in long term relationships and we believe them when they say this sort of game could be fun for anyone in the bedroom. Your enjoyment of the game will rely heavily on how far you’re willing to go because the challenges get pretty steep. There is also a counter you can view to see how many times a certain dare has been used by another couple. About the only downfall is that there aren’t a lot of dares and you’ll likely run out before too long. Also, a couple of the public ones could you in trouble. Keep that in mind.

Desire42 screenshot

Better than expected. For adults only


The app has a good range of simple things that even shy couples won't mind doing to borderline illegal things the more riskier couples would enjoy.
Totally free with no in app purchases.
Includes dozens of dares in multiple categories which not only adds to organizational value, but also helps you set boundaries (e.g. telling your partner to lay off the public stuff).
Given the simplicity of the app and its premise, we don't think there are very many bugs. That's always nice.
There are counters on every dare so you can see how many couples have tried them before you.
Easy to understand score system. No one's getting confused here.


A couple that really tries can complete this game in a few weeks. We do hope the developers add more dares over time to keep their app as 'spicy' as they're trying to make relationships.
I really, truly detest the constant use of the word 'spicy'.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is a fun little couples app. We certainly hope that more dares are added in future updates because a competitive couple could probably chew through these in a few weeks if they really tried. Thankfully there’s nothing too ridiculous although there are a few that’ll make you raise an eyebrow. It’s free if you want to try it.

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