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New Case Hardened dbrand skins are ready to give your gear that Counter-Strike look

And you won't even have to spend $1M to get it.

Published onJuly 10, 2024

A look at dbrand's new Case Hardened skins, inspired by Counter-Strike
  • Counter-Strike players may be paying millions for rare skins, but dbrand’s new Case Hardened design can be yours for a whole lot less.
  • Just like in the game, shoppers have a rare chance of getting a super-exclusive “Blue Gem” variant.
  • Unlike the game, dbrand is cool with bribery, and will let you pay a little extra to guarantee your chance of the rare edition.

Status: either you have it, or you don’t. Some of us spend a lifetime cultivating skills, accumulating wealth, and developing social relationships, all in the name of status. But did you know that all you need to truly be elite is the right… skin? Counter-Strike players are all too aware of the clout the right weapon skin conveys onto them, and have been spending some insane amounts of money on the rarest of the rare. Now popular phone case brand, dbrand, is looking to bring some of that action to its own lineup of IRL device skins, with the debut of its new Case Hardened design.

If you haven’t been following the Counter-Strike scene super-closely on account of it not being the year 2000 anymore, all you need to know is that a preposterously lucrative second-hand market has emerged for the in-game virtual weapon skins users can find, trade, and buy. Just last month, that virtual economy hit a record-setting landmark with the sale of an AK-47 skin in this desirable Case Hardened skin for over $1 million. Since we normies can’t afford luxuries like that, dbrand wants to bring us maybe the next best thing.

Today the company introduces its own Case Hardened skin lineup, featuring the same sort of fire-treated metal design popularized by CS. The two-tone blue and gold look is available across the company’s product range, ready to spruce up everything from your Pixel Fold to your Nintendo Switch.

Just like with dbrand’s Counter-Strike inspiration, there’s a chance to get a super-rare “Blue Gem” color variant that drops the gold for an all-blue hue. Play it straight, and you’ve got a 3.2% of getting a Blue Gem skin. If you don’t like the sound of those odds, dbrand’s not above making a little side deal, and will guarantee your chances — if you’re willing to pay ten times more. Never change, guys.

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