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Daily Authority: 👏 Samsung's marvelous multitasker

NASA goes to the moon, Samsung inspires productivity, and do Bluetooth earbuds still suck?

Published onAugust 29, 2022

samsung galaxy z fold 4 standing multitasking
Ryan Haines / Android Authority

😃 Greetings all, and welcome to a new week and Monday’s edition of the Daily Authority. I hope you had a good weekend! I delayed all my outdoor chores; now it’s windy and rainy. That’ll teach me never to procrastinate again… 🙄.

Marvelous multitasker

samsung galaxy z fold 4 main display laying down
Ryan Haines / Android Authority

Thanks to our Ryan Haines, our Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 review is in. It was tough to be impressed by Samsung’s minor nips and tucks on paper. But in reality, these changes create what could be the best ultra-premium smartphone on the market. Read on for more.

We do a little improving

  • You’ll barely notice an aesthetic difference between the incoming model and the outgoing Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3.
  • The device still packs a 6.2-inch outer screen with a 10MP punch hole camera, a 4,400mAh battery beneath it, and an almost identical rear camera array design.
  • However, look closely, and you’ll find millimeters gained and grams shed. The Galaxy Z Fold 4 brings a slightly larger, sharper 7.6-inch inner display and an 8g lighter body.
  • It’s also tougher to spot that under-display selfie camera on the main screen.
  • You’re also getting a new 50MP primary camera at the rear, with 10MP 3x telephoto and 12MP ultrawide cameras playing support. Performance is excellent.
  • We get a chipset refresh, too. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 steps in to improve the phone’s productivity abilities substantially.

The unsung hero

  • Despite these minor hardware changes, the software sets the Galaxy Z Fold 4 apart from the limited competition.
  • Thanks to Android 12L, the foldable now has an incredibly useful taskbar that makes managing running apps a breeze.
  • “It’s similar to what you’d find along the bottom of your computer screen, and it’s likely to become one of your new best friends,” Ryan noted.
  • This addition unleashes the foldable’s true multitasking potential and turns what many still consider a novelty form factor into a pocketable productivity powerhouse.
  • Android 12L isn’t supported by every app just yet, though. However, Samsung’s committed to supporting the Galaxy Z Fold 4 through to Android 16. There’s plenty of time for this software to mature.

Is this the foldable for me?

  • Okay, yes. There’s still the issue of price.
  • You could still buy a capable and affordable phone, tablet, and laptop for the price of a Galaxy Z Fold 4.
  • And, despite its improvements, there are some drawbacks. Battery life hasn’t seen any marked improvements, while the S Pen is a premium optional extra.
  • But, if you’re in the market for an ultra-premium and surprisingly practical foldable, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is the most mature option yet.


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Monday Meme

Finally, let’s talk about the one thing that sucks about true wireless earbuds and Bluetooth headphones

I can think of a few annoying first-world tech problems. Being forced to update your PC immediately after booting is one. Plugging that USB in the right way around is another. But one that’s by far the most grinding is that obnoxious BATTERY LOW chime you get with some Bluetooth audio devices.

  • We get it. You’re low. Now shut up, and let me finish this podcast episode.
  • In all honestly, the best true wireless earbuds carry enough juice to last through a commute or a short office stint.
  • And their carry cases provide plenty of juice (maybe not including the Google Pixel Buds Pro case, that is.)
  • But honestly, many of us would still prefer using wired earbuds. Me included.
  • What’s your stance on the current state of Bluetooth audio devices?

On that note, remember to charge your devices!

Until next week,
Andy Walker, Editor.

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