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Daily Authority: 📩 USPS EVs

Most USPS trucks should be EVs, realme 9, Matter smart home, plus more tech news you need to know today!

Published onJanuary 14, 2022

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🚀 Good morning! It’s Friyay!


usps new truck

Something different for your Friday: “Give the US Postal Service $3 billion to electrify its fleet, you cowards,” writes Gizmodo, as if reading my mind.

I’ve been deep-diving EVs this week and I just don’t know if enough attention is being paid to what’s coming.

  • In short: USPS operates 200,000 vehicles, including 165,000 daily trucks, and most are in need of replacement.
  • The truck of the future for USPS has the option to be battery-operated, but it seems funding is short to electrify the whole fleet.
  • So, the split will be 90/10: just 10% EVs.
  • Weirdly, though, the cost to electrify the whole fleet, versus 90/10, would be a $3.3 billion difference from the 90/10 split.
  • Total cost: $11.6b versus $8.3b for the 90/10 split.
  • $3.3b is not chump change! But it isn’t exactly a huge amount of money for the entire nation served by USPS.

More detail:

  • The thing people don’t fully understand about EVs is that they’re inevitable because of just how efficient they are. Take a look at this slide from Auke Hoekstra, a Netherlands-based EV thinker, and senior advisor of smart mobility at the Eindhoven University of Technology.
  • “The biggest reason the EV is the future is the engine,” notes Hoekstra, with this table:
ev vs ice
Tristan Rayner / Android Authority
  • These numbers are wild — you just use so much less energy in an EV, and that energy can be clean.

And back to USPS:

  • Quote: “Having 165,000 electric vehicles quietly delivering mail would, according to the EIS, reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 537,000 metric tons of direct tailpipe emissions alone. The USPS helpfully notes this would “be the most beneficial” scenario on that front, in addition to cutting air and noise pollution. That would save lives and money, particularly in poor neighborhoods and communities of color.”
  • And yes, there are challenges, including, “where to install charging infrastructure in urban locations and having the range for mail delivery in rural areas,” noted the article, though the number of routes that a current EV couldn’t service is estimated to be around 5%.
  • But what a shot in the arm it would be for the EV ecosystem.
  • And it’s going to happen, eventually, in most cases.


Friday Fun

This demonstration of latency is pretty great — it’s not perfect, because packet loss is the problem vs ping, but hey:

ping demonstration


Stay at a low low ping, friends.

Tristan Rayner, Senior Editor.