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Daily Authority: 📈 Switch up, Meta down

So here's the tech news from A to Z: Nintendo Switch up, Facebook down, and more news you need to know today!

Published onFebruary 3, 2022

☕ Good morning!

Nintendo Switch has now outsold the Wii

The Nintendo Switch has become Nintendo’s best-selling home console ever.

  • Nintendo added 10.67 million Switch sales in its most recent quarter, from October to December.
  • That chalks up total lifetime Switch sales to 103.5 million, beating out the Wii’s 101.6 million.
  • Now, that includes the new $350 OLED Switch, which sold 4 million units, and Nintendo said it “got off to a good start.”
  • Remember that, comparatively, Sony sold 3.9 million PlayStation 5 consoles in the same timeframe.
  • As for forecasts, Nintendo projected fewer sales again, and said “challenges around semiconductors and shipping may persist,” which is putting it lightly.
  • As for games, Nintendo said that its Pokémon remasters of Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl were the leaders, with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Mario Party Superstars, and good old Animal Crossing still selling well, too, with a bunch of numbers supporting that.
  • Otherwise, the new Pokémon Legends: Arceus should sell well, and upcoming games The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 and Splatoon 3 should be bright spots sometime this year…


  • It all confirms that the Switch remains a wildly successful little console, which is no great surprise.
  • The OLED version has given things a little kick-along too, but the lack of additional processing power given to the console with the new version seemed a little short-sighted.
  • I’m still interested to know when Nintendo might put out a Switch 2 or a Switch OLED Pro with a lot more under the hood, so that games like Breath of The Wild are much more visually complex.


Throwback Thursday

The Sims FreePlay best life simulator games for Android

Tomorrow marks 22 years of The Sims! First released back on February 4, 2000, The Sims through all of its generations and DLC and fan-made content and everything, fully captured the minds and hearts of plenty of adults and kids.

  • I remember my sister, as a kid, being completely terrified of the thief that would come and steal your stuff in the night.
  • Then there was the problem when your Sim set the kitchen or house on fire with bad cooking skills.
  • But a lot of problems can’t be blamed on your Sims: people invariably experimented with their Sims by taking away the ladder in the pool…
  • Anyway, it’s still wildly popular, The Sims 4 continues to get new content, and EA officially confirmed The Sims 5 will emerge at some point, with multiplayer, though remaining “a safe space” that “enables people to freely create their own world”.


Tristan Rayner, Senior Editor.

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