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Meet CUKTECH: High-tech power banks at unbeatable prices

CUKTECH batteries have great designs, amazing performance, helpful screens, and drop-dead prices.
Brought to you by CUKTECH

Published onJune 10, 2024

CUKTECH 20 Power Bank on table showing logo
Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

Those looking for a great portable battery have a sea of options, which makes it hard to decide what to buy. However, after testing numerous batteries, we can confidently say that it’s hard to beat CUKTECH power banks. CUKTECH’s products offer attractive designs and come at great prices, while still touting industry-leading technologies and features. Let’s introduce you to the company, some of its best products, and tell you exactly what CUKTECH power banks have to offer.

An introduction to CUKTECH and its history

There are many lesser-known portable battery manufacturers on the market, making it challenging to trust the reliability and quality of their products. This is why many consumers will tend to default to big brands like Anker or Mophie, or even first-party manufacturers like Samsung and Xiaomi. While CUKTECH isn’t as widely known as some of these big brands, the company has a very strong background, making it easier to trust.

Let’s start with the basics — how do you pronounce CUKTECH? The “CUK” part in the brand name is pronounced /kʊk/, so the name of the brand sounds similar to “cook tech.” The name is a reference to the Ćuk circuit, a type of voltage converter proposed by Serbian engineer and inventor Slobodan Ćuk in 1976. The Ćuk circuit is a specialized DC-DC circuit known for efficiency and flexibility. Of course, “TECH” stands for technology, which signifies the company’s commitment to innovation and its steady pursuit of quality. As a reflection of this focus, over 70% of CUKTECH’s staff is dedicated to research and development.

CUKTECH is already a power player in the battery and charger industry

The company was first established in 2016, and it then merged with ZMI, which was part of Xiaomi’s ecosystem of companies. The brand became CUKTECH in 2022. The company also operates as an OEM, meaning it manufactures products for other companies, including LG, Hitachi, and Xiaomi. It ships over 150 million power banks, 20 million chargers, and 70 million battery units annually.

As you can see, CUKTECH has already made a name for itself in a very competitive industry, bolstering its credentials as it expands into Western consumer markets. While CUKTECH may be a new name to many of us, the company is a power player in the battery and charger industry, and many of you have likely been using its products for years without even realizing it.

The best CUKTECH portable batteries

CUKTECH has a variety of battery and charging products, but we believe its most interesting offerings are the CUKTECH 20 Power Bank and the CUKTECH 10 Power Bank. Both of these offer a great balance between strong performance, gorgeous designs, and functionality. They also have some of the best displays we’ve seen on any power bank, a key feature of CUKTECH batteries. Let’s go over them individually.

CUKTECH 20 Power Bank

CUKTECH 20 Power Bank on table with other devices (9)
Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

The CUKTECH 20 Power Bank is meant for power users and more demanding adventurers. While the company offers an even larger option, we recommend this 25,000-mAh unit because it’s still portable enough to take on all your adventures. In fact, when holding it, it feels about the same size as a typical soda can.

We’ve tested this battery thoroughly and loved its great design. It is one of the coolest-looking portable batteries we’ve seen. While looks aren’t everything, the CUKTECH 20 is also packed with great technology and features.

For starters, there is a very helpful TFT LCD screen that tells you everything going on with the unit in real-time. The display can show you information on the battery level, power output, voltage, and current. You can even get an estimate on charging and recharging times.

Specs are outstanding, including a large 25,000mAh battery, a maximum of 140W output, PD 3.1 support, and 110W self-charging speeds. It can charge your MacBook Pro 1.2 times or your iPhone 14 up to four times. It’s really power you can count on. Especially considering it is rated to last over 1,000 cycles.

And get this: the CUKTECH 20 power bank has a recommended retail price of $130. This may sound like quite a bit of money for a battery, but it is significantly cheaper than direct competitors from major brands with similar features. It also manages to undercut the competition while keeping a great level of quality, and without sacrificing performance. Furthermore, if you’re patient enough, we’ve often seen it discounted as low as $80.

CUKTECH 20 Power BankCUKTECH 20 Power Bank
AA Editor's Choice
CUKTECH 20 Power Bank
Nice design and build quality • Up to 140W max output • Integrated screen to know all charging status info
MSRP: $129.99
High-end power bank without the premium price.
The CUKTECH 20 Power Bank is a 25,000mAh portable battery with two USB-C ports and a single USB-A port. It has a 210W max output and can charge a single device as fast as 140W. Additionally, it supports passthrough charging and has an integrated screen that provides live statistics and charging information.

CUKTECH 10 Power Bank

Cukteck 10 (4)
Paul Jones / Android Authority

The CUKTECH 20 Power Bank is great for camping, remote work, or for people with more demanding needs. We know some of you prioritize portability a bit more, though, and that’s who the CUKTECH 10 Power Bank is for. But don’t let the pocketable size and 283g (10oz) weight fool you. This thing is still quite powerful, and doesn’t sacrifice much in terms of performance. The CUKTECH 10 may be small, but it’s also mighty.

The USB-C port can charge at up to 100W, and the unit can self-charge at up to 90W. This allows the battery to charge to 55% in just 15 minutes. It has a smaller 10,000mAh capacity, but it also comes with a much more accessible $60 price tag. A 10,000mAh battery is still pretty handy, allowing you to top up something like a Nintendo Switch 1.3 times.

The best part is that the CUKTECH 10 Power bank retains the TFT display, and though it’s smaller, it’s nearly as informative as the one on the bigger unit. It provides real-time details such as voltage, current, battery level, power output, and the remaining time for both charging and recharging.

If you’re looking for a deal, similarly to the bigger brother, the CUKTECH 10 Power Bank can often be found discounted down to $40.

CUKTECH 10 Power BankCUKTECH 10 Power Bank
CUKTECH 10 Power Bank
MSRP: $59.99

Any other options?

CUKTECH currently offers four portable batteries: the two mentioned above, plus the CUKTECH 15 Power Bank and the CUKTECH 30 Power Bank. The 15 Power Bank is a great 20,000mAh option if you want something between the two main offers listed above. That said, it lacks an advanced screen. Instead, you just get a small display that shows the battery percentage.

If you want to go big, the CUKTECH 30 Power Bank comes with a massive 40,000mAh battery. It’s for the most demanding users out there, offering a 300W max output, up to 140W charging from a single port, a 20W wireless charging pad, and fans for cooling. It’s also much larger and costs $200, though discounts are also available.

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CUKTECH 15 Power Bank
CUKTECH 15 Power Bank

As the excitement around CUKTECH’s latest releases continues to build, there’s even more on the horizon. Additional groundbreaking products in the series are currently in development. What innovative features or new gadgets are you hoping to see next from CUKTECH? Share your thoughts by tagging CUKTECH on your favorite social network! Stay tuned for updates, and be part of shaping the future of tech with CUKTECH.

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