Sunday is here and we are ready to bring you the latest ‘Crowdfunding project of the week’. In this article series we feature our favorite Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns, helping you weed out all those projects we can live without and bringing the true innovations to your attention. Ready?

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Today we are taking a look at a wearable that will help you enjoy music the way it is meant to experienced. The Basslet is a wrist-worn subwoofer that will follow the base sounds of any song, coming from any music device.

The company aims to emulate those vibrations you get standing next to huge speakers at a concert or club. Yes, those which feel like they can almost reach your soul. Headphones and regular speakers can’t really replicate that on their own, right?


The Basslet is simple in design, portraying nothing but a plain 24 mm wristband with a logo and a black square that holds the battery, LoSound engine (haptic engine) and electronics. It is all very jam-packed in there, but the team promises high fidelity and the ability to reproduce the full bass spectrum (10-250 Hz) with great precision.

And the cool part is that it is as intuitive as they get. All you need to do is use the included ‘Sender’, which acts as a mediator between your music players and audio devices. It’s pretty much a tiny square that acts as a bridge. The Basslet is compatible with anything as long as you are using a 3.5 mm headset jack.

But what about battery life? The Kickstarter campaign mentions it should be at around 6 hours, with recharge time being under one hour.

The Basslet has a simple concept and it looks to be very well executed. The Kickstarter project shows a tangible advantage for both listeners and music creators, but will you be taking it home? The answer depends a lot on the price.

All early bird specials are gone, so you will have to pocket out at least €139 to buy one. They will be shipping in December and the campaign’s €50,000 goal has been met.

So… who is signing up? I am tempted, but do need to say I would prefer actually testing it before making a decision. We suppose it’s a gamble, but one with very good odds for true audiophiles.

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