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Consumer Cellular brings a modern twist to a classic with the IRIS Flip

The IRIS Flip from Consumer Cellular brings a modern twist to a classic form factor.
Brought to you by Consumer Cellular

Published onNovember 20, 2023

IRIS Consumer Cellular Featured Image #1

Smartphones have become so common now that imagining a world without them is hard. But not everyone needs or wants one. Whether you’re looking for a digital detox from a constant barrage of notifications, want to buy a simple and easy-to-use phone for your elderly parents or grandparents, or just want an affordable smartphone alternative that gets the basics right, there is a resurgent market for regular phones. And Consumer Cellular offers an excellent option in the IRIS Flip, which brings a modern twist to a classic. Here’s everything you need to know!

The classic form factor makes a return

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Younger smartphones used to the current slab designs may not be familiar with the IRIS Flip’s form factor, but the classic flip phone look remains a fan favorite for many older generations.

The IRIS Flip has all the conveniences of a flip phone, starting with a compact and lightweight build that will comfortably fit in any pocket, purse, or palm. You’re greeted with large, easy-to-press buttons when you open the phone. The keypad is tactile and slip-resistant, with the raised rubber keys and textured back allowing you to keep your thumbs and fingers in the right place for an easy typing experience.

There’s also a modern twist

IRIS Consumer Cellular Hero Image #1
Ankit Banerjee / Android Authority

Consumer Cellular also breathes life into the flip form factor with updates that users in 2023 expect in a phone. The IRIS Flip comes with a 3.2-inch internal display, the largest on the market in this category, and a handy 2-inch external display. Both screens offer ample room to see notifications, read and send text messages, browse the web, and so much more.

It’s not all old-school features, either. The IRIS Flip is the first phone in this category to feature eSIM support, taking the inconvenience of handling physical SIM cards out of the equation. The easy SIM setup brings access to 4G LTE data connectivity and crystal-clear voice calls.

The phone runs KaiOS, which helps you skip the screen fatigue of constant notifications but still provides access to online essentials like email, YouTube, an Internet Browser, and maps, with more apps available for download from the built-in app store. 8GB of storage is enough room for your apps and photos, and you can further expand the storage if required with a 32GB microSD card.

Speaking of photos, the phone comes with a 5MP primary camera, with a flash to help take better photos, and double as a flashlight when required. And keeping everything running is a 2,000mAh battery that offers up to two full days of battery life with average usage.

A perfect phone for older adults or less tech-savvy consumers

IRIS Consumer Cellular Model Image #1

Consumer Cellular has designed the IRIS Flip with a specific demographic in mind — older adults or less tech-savvy consumers — and you can see the thought put into this design across various aspects of the phone.

To help with ease of use, the IRIS Flip skips complicated and hard-to-decipher symbols in favor of simple keywords and icons. The large Call, End, and Spkr buttons are easy to find and press. A prominent OK button and arrow keys make navigating the user interface a breeze. And a conveniently located favorite contact button at the bottom brings up a list of 10 stored contacts. The phone is also compatible with T3/M3 hearing aids.

If simplicity is what you’re after, the IRIS Flip has you covered.

The holiday season is a great time to buy the IRIS Flip

IRIS Consumer Cellular Hero Image #2

If you are stuck on what gift to get your elderly parents or grandparents, or even get one yourself for a digital detox, this holiday season is a great time to buy the IRIS Flip.

Not everyone wants or needs the flashiness and massive screens that have taken over our phones, and the IRIS Flip is perfect for those folks. It’s got the perfect balance of modern features, though. From being the first of its kind to offer eSIM support to providing access to essential online applications and tools, the IRIS is so much more than a regular flip phone; but avoids the sometimes steep learning curve and information overload of a smartphone.

The best part is it also avoids the expensive price tags of smartphones, with even the cheapest of them setting you back a few hundred dollars. Instead, Consumer Cellular combines the essentials of a modern smartphone with the convenience of the classic flip phone form factor while including a variety of thoughtful features that are perfect for its intended target. And you get all of that and more for just $69.

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