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Comment Authority: The best comments for Week 15, 2018

Each week, Comment Authority will compile the best comments written on the site by you, the readers.

Published onApril 14, 2018

Welcome to a brand new feature here at Android Authority! Each week, Comment Authority will compile the best comments written on the site by you, the readers. Sometimes commenters make terrific observations that aren’t mentioned by our hard-working editorial staff, or simply make a great joke that keeps the conversation lively. We want to highlight the awesome readers who contribute to the community of Android enthusiasts that keep Android Authority vibrant and alive.

Without further ado, here are the best comments from this past week!

Kids can be so cruel

The most popular article for comments this week was “Over 80% of teens don’t ‘Think Different’, prefer iPhone to Android“. It amassed nearly 150 comments, with opinions ranging from “The iPhone sucks” to “Just accept that Android is the worst.” But one commenter with the username wahoowa had an interesting perspective to give as a father of teenaged children:

The hate for the notch won’t last

If there’s one smartphone trend right now that is causing the most controversy, it’s the adoption of the “notch” display, first introduced on the Essential Phone and brought to the public eye by the iPhone X. In our post analyzing a poll we conducted about your feelings on the notch, user nyc_rock had an interesting (but still divisive) point about how the notch is only controversial right now because it’s so new:

Don’t make an April fool of yourself

The devs behind LineageOS put an April Fool’s joke into the April build of the custom ROM. It’s a long story, but the joke essentially boiled down to users thinking their device was compromised and causing much distress. After some major outcry from the LineageOS community, the devs issued an apology. Here, like a concerned parent giving us all some sage advice, user sdelfin lets us know their opinion on this joke-gone-wrong:

Negative Nancy of the week

Not every commenter contributes positively to the conversation (this is the internet, after all). With that in mind, we’d like to close out this inaugural edition of Comment Authority with the Negative Nancy of the week, Goran, who is either Donald Trump in disguise or doing a pretty good impression of him in our HUAWEI P20 Pro review:

That’s the end of the first Comment Authority! Let us know in the comments below if you dig this new feature. Or just tell us what you’ve got planned for the next few days if you like. Have a terrific weekend, everyone!