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Watch Amazon Instant Video on your Chromecast, via Primecast app

A new third-party app called Primecast makes it possible to watch Amazon Instant Video on your Chromecast.

Published onNovember 6, 2014

Back in September Amazon finally gave Android users an official Prime Instant Video app, after long ignoring us in favor of their own Android-based Kindle Fire tablets. The one thing missing from the app? Chromecast support. While we can’t say we are surprised that Amazon is currently holding out support, it’s still a bit of an annoyance. Thankfully, there’s now a 3rd party solution in the way of Primecast.

Primecast is basically a special app that lets you sign in with your Amazon account and it can then load content from your watchlist and library over to the big screen. Based on our own tests with it, we can confirm it does work but that the experience is a tiny bit finicky, as sometimes you must sign in and out to get the library and watch list to load. You also have to be connected to the Chromecast before it’ll show you a play button.

we can confirm it does work but that the experience is a tiny bit finicky

For those wondering about whether or not using this app could get them into trouble with Amazon, the developers say it shouldn’t be a problem. They confirm that the app doesn’t tamper with any existing DRM technology in Prime instant Video and say that it shouldn’t violate any Amazon usage rules either. Furthermore they ensure your Amazon password and profile won’t be sent anywhere but to Amazon.

So should you really consider using this app? Honestly, at the price of $2.99, this is a pretty expensive app when you consider that it’s possible Amazon could eventually find a way to disable this from working, or could even officially add Chromecast support to the Prime Video app sometimes in the future. Of course, if you frequently use Amazon Prime Video and have been itching for a way to experience it on your Chromecast, there’s currently no better way to do it that we are aware of.

For more details on the app, you’ll want to head to their official website. You can also check out the app directly on Google Play. For those that took the plunge, what do you think of the experience so far? Worth the asking price?

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