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Google’s Chrome OS is already set to receive a major upgrade when Android apps arrive later this year, and now it appears that future Chromebooks could be built with fingerprint scanners included too, for extra security.

A new commit within the Chromium repositories shows that Google is currently experimenting with fingerprint sensors inside Chrome OS. Of course, this certainly doesn’t commit Google to implementing fingerprint scanners into future Chromebooks, but it’s starting to look more likely.

The most obvious application would be for unlocking and logging into your Chromebook. The feature might also play nicely with Android apps that make use of fingerprint scanners for authentication, and maybe Google has plans to support fingerprints for website authentication too. Google recently also added a PIN unlock option into the Chrome OS developer channel, so new security features appear to be on the way.

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Given that fingerprints scanners are now commonly found embedded into even mid-range smartphones and laptops, it certainly make sense for Chromebooks to offer a competitive security option. Would you make use of a fingerprint scanner on a Chromebook?