• Some new information discovered points to a Chrome OS/Android Messages “integration,” but no one knows what that could mean.
  • We already know that you’ll soon be able to text through your browser with Android Messages, so why would Chrome OS need its own thing?
  • Right now, we can only posit theories.

Earlier this year, we found out that Android Messages would eventually offer an integrated web client experience, enabling you to text from your desktop. That feature has still yet to come to light, but we now have new information that points to Chrome OS getting its own, dedicated integration with Messages as well.

First spotted at XDA Developers, the purpose of this Chrome OS-specific integration is a mystery for now.

One would assume that if there’s a browser-based feature for texting through Android Messages, there would be no need to offer a Chrome OS feature as well. After all, Chrome OS is built upon the Chrome browser, so the integration would already be there.

Unless, of course, there’s some sort of specific thing that Chrome OS users will get that people simply accessing the desktop client through a browser won’t. What could that be?

Although members of the XDA Developers team spotted the integration by looking at commits in the open source Chromium Gerrit, even they don’t know what the possible Chrome OS feature might be.

Of course, texting through a browser is nothing new; plenty of SMS/MMS apps support the feature. But the Android Messages app doesn’t natively support browser texting, and it would be a pretty big deal for it to start.

What do you think? What could Chrome OS get with Android Messages that other “regular” browser users won’t? Let us know your theories in the comments!

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