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Android users of Google’s Chrome web browser should be on the lookout for a new update that’s rolling out for the stable channel over the next several days. The new Chrome 54 adds a few new features to the browser, most notably that it can now play media in the background for the sites that support it.

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The new 54.0.2840.68 version will also give users some articles suggestions on its new tab page, and it can now update any saved passwords when users change them or perform a full reset. There are also a number of other improvements and bug fixes in this update. All in all, this looks like a solid update for the browser. If you feel up to it, you can check out the full, and highly technical, change log for Chrome 54 over at  the Google Git site.

Earlier this week, Google launched a new Canary channel for Chrome on Android, which will allow anyone to get the earliest version of the browser, with access to new features well before they are released to the stable channel. Of course, this comes at the cost of the user having to deal with more bugs compared to the regular version of the browser.