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Candy Island Android game: Saving the island from running out of candy


Published onJuly 10, 2012

As you can tell from its name, Candy Island – The Sweet Shop will certainly bring you sweet treats when you play it on your Android device.

When you launch the game, you’ll be taken to Candy Island in a peaceful enchanted world that is inhabited by little green creatures, called Beanies, who run a candy farm. They provide sweet treats to the host of animal inhabitants on the island, making their customers happy.

Tragedy strikes Candy Island one day when the dastardly Dr. Zog, who hates sweets, destroys every sweet factory and steals the Candy Islanders’ precious sweet recipes. All except one, it seems.

This is where you come in. You’ll help Candy Island and its inhabitants get back on their feet by building a new sweets factory. Uncover some of the Beanies who’ll be doing all the sweets-manufacturing, from the making to the selling.

You start off with only the Drops recipe, but as you sell them, you’ll earn experience points (EXP) and unlock more recipes such as Cotton Candy, Cookies, Gingerbread Hearts, and much more.

For each recipe you pick, you’ll need to make small factories. Each factory occupies an area of a certain size above the candy shop. Pick, say, the Drops recipe and the Beanies will start to construct the factory. When it is done, you’ll have your Drops factory sitting on a colorful cloud above the shop.

Each recipe takes a certain amount of time to complete. When a small icon of the recipe appears, tap it and it will descend to the sweets shop, ready to be sold.

It won’t take long before your customers will start lining up. Pay attention to the little word bubbles above their heads. They’ll head to your candy shop with a certain sweet in mind. If they can purchase it, they’ll walk away with a heart. But, if that sweet they want is not available, they’ll walk away with a thundercloud. Take note of the sweet Candy Islanders wants and build the appropriate factories.

Producing all those sweets takes a lot of hard work though. Keep an eye on your Beanie workers because they might fall asleep. You can easily rouse them from slumber by tapping on them. They’ll get right back to work.

Let’s take a look at the UI of the game. On the top of the screen, you’ll see three gauges. The first is a gauge with a star which measures how much EXP you need to earn before you can level up. The next gauge is how many Coins you have to spend on your factory and decorations and the last is your Charm gauge. Charms help you do a number of things. You can use them to speed up the construction of a factory or the production of sweets. You can also unlock certain recipes by spending Charms on them.

Charms and Tasks

You can earn extra Charms by doing a number of things, like posting a screenshot of your factory to Facebook or signing in with your Facebook account. Alternatively, if you need more Charms quick, you can purchase some by tapping on the Charm icon. Get 20 Charms or 60 Charms and get 10 free in the Cookie Jar or go all the way and purchase a Barrel of Charms to get 1,600 Charms and get 600 free.

To help keep you on your toes, Candy Island will give you tasks to complete. They can range from laying the groundwork for your sweets shop by building three factories to feeding a leprechaun with 5 Drops. There’s no dull moment in this game, so you’ll keep checking on your sweets production. If the number of factories you build starts spilling off your device screen and panning across the screen is too tiring for you, pinch to zoom out and see all your factories in one place.

Color Appeal and Graphics

In terms of graphics, Candy Island is full of brilliant colors which make sure that objects stand out from the background. The game’s use of colors and fun shapes won’t amuse just the kids but grownups, as well.

One of the things that makes Candy Island sweeter is that you can play it wherever you go. There’s no need to be connected to the Internet to keep your sweets factory running. You’ll only need to connect to the Internet when you want to invite friends to play with you or when you upload pictures of your factory to Facebook. You could call Candy Island part sandbox and part social gaming. You can log in using your Facebook credentials and earn 5 Charms. When you add friends on Candy Island, you can send them gifts and receive some in return.

Help rebuild Candy Island – The Sweet Shop by downloading this game today. It’s available for free from the Google Play Store.