The LG Watch Sport and LG Watch Style were made official recently, and as expected they have now arrived in stores! The LG Watch Sport is priced at $349 and the LG Watch Style will start at $249 but comes with lesser specs and no NFC support for Android Pay. So where can you get your hands on them? Good question.

Google Store

So far Google Store is the very best option, with every model in stock except for the titanium color of the LG Watch Sport.

Best Buy

Over at Best Buy you can get the LG Watch Style now, though the Sport model isn’t currently offered. Buy the LG Watch Style here!


Verizon is selling the LG Watch Sport for $380 outright or for $330 on a two-year contract. While AT&T is offering the Sport for the same $349 asking price you’ll get it from Google.


Both watches will be coming to carriers and retailers across the globe, including the UK, Canada, South Korea, South Africa, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Russia and Taiwan in the coming weeks.

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