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Buff Knight - Indie app of the day

Today's indie app of the day is Buff Knight. In this 2D infinite scroll RPG, you play as a knight who must save the princess! It's more fun than it sounds.

Published onNovember 1, 2014

What is Buff Knight?

Buff Knight is a mix between an infinite runner game and an RPG. You run, kill enemies, collect items and gold, and then when you die, you upgrade and try again. There are two version of this game in the Play Store. There is a free version with ads and in app purchases and there is a paid version for $1.99 that has no ads or in app purchases.

Here’s how the game works. You select whether or not you want to do endless mode or story mode. You then start the game and your knight starts to run. As you run, you collect items and gold while your hero kills bad guys. When you run into them, you do damage to them and they do damage to you. You heal with healing potions and you can heal your magic points with magic potions. You can also attack nearby enemies with magic, juggle bad guys for damage bonuses, and there are some other fun little extras in there.

Buff Knight features charming retro graphics that feel more polished. The story is told in a pixelated font to give it that old school feel. If you opt for the free version, each run will end with a full screen ad and it’s actually not that bad. There is a story line and it’s a bit simple. You must eventually defeat the Red Vile Dragon and save the Pretty Princess.

Buff Knight screenshot
It’s worth noting that this game was developed by a single person. When you take that into consideration that makes this game pretty impressive. If you get bored with repetitive tasks easily then this game will probably be no different but it is a fairly entertaining time waster that’s worth checking out.