While at least some of our readers probably own a Bluetooth speaker and a football, odds are none of you have one product that acts as both. Strangely enough, that’s exactly what you get with the B.R.O. Ball (Bring Rhythm Outdoors ball). The creators behind the B.R.O. Ball claim this is the “world’s first Bluetooth speaker in a football”, and as far as we know, their claim is legit.

Taking to Kickstarter, the B.R.O. Ball has attracted 118 backers so far, obtaining $26,441 of its 75k goal with 25 days left to go. At the moment, you can get the ball for as cheap as $59, though there are only a limited number of B.R.O. Balls being offered at this low price. After that, it will then go up to $69, and $79 after that. All tiers are expected to ship in July of next year. The eventual expected retail price will be around $118.

Okay, but what exactly does the B.R.O. Ball do? The unique football design isn’t just about aesthetics. It can actually be thrown around, dropped, chucked, tossed in the sand, and still continue without skipping a beat. The B.R.O. Ball is water-resistant and can float for up to thirty minutes without worry. The ball has even been tested with a drop from a several-story-up balcony (seen below), which it survived and continued playing tunes without a problem. Of course, there is a max range that the ball can travel before the music disconnects, set at around 50 yards.


The idea here is actually pretty cool. After all, the design is much more durable than your typical outdoor Bluetooth speaker. It also doubles as a fun toy to toss around with your friends, family, etc. There are even some cool ‘extras’ such as glow in the dark piping that makes the ball easy to see at night, and the ability to use the ball to top off your phone’s battery. While using it to charge your phone will obviously reduce the ball’s battery life, the ball is rated for around 6 hours of playback.

As for sound quality? The B.R.O. Ball creators say they went through several revisions working to create a design that doesn’t just produce sound, high-quality at that. We can’t really confirm this claim at this stage, though the video indicates that the sound is at least of reasonable quality.

At the Kickstarter price, the B.R.O. Ball is certainly worthy of consideration for those that spend a lot of time at the beach, tailgate parties, and other scenarios where a highly-durable Bluetooth speaker that doubles as a ball might come in handy. Personally, I have a feeling that the final retail pricing might limit its appeal however. To learn more, be sure to check out the official Kickstarter page.

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