Gameloft Blitz Brigade

Gameloft has just released a trailer for Blitz Brigade, and if you ever played Team Fortress 2 or Battlefield Heroes 2, you’ll find yourself right at home.

So far, we know few details about the upcoming game, besides the fact that it will be a “team-based FPS” that will let you choose from one of the “five highly-skilled and totally badass classes”.

Here’s the trailer:

Let’s get the obvious out of the way – Gameloft has no issues whatsoever in liberally “borrowing” from popular game francizes, most times from the PC and console platforms. One helpful YouTube commenter going by the handle of pikohanjackhammer has summarized Gameloft’s track record like this:

  • Gangstar = Grand Theft Auto
  • Heroes of Sparta = God of War
  • 9mm = Max Payne
  • Six-Guns = Red Dead Redemption
  • Eternal Legacy = Final Fantasy
  • Backstab = Assassin’s Creed (They ran out of their ideas and had to start ripping off their own games)
  • Zombie Infection = Resident Evil

Come to think about it, we could add a few titles to that list. Copycats or not, Gameloft is one of the most prolific developers for Android, and we are all behind having good games waiting for us in the Play Store.

Blitz Brigade will be available “soon” for Android and iOS devices. We’ll keep you posted!

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