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We never thought BlackBerry would be so enthusiastic about releasing Android phones. CEO John Chen recently mentioned there were other Google-powered handsets in the works, and now we are seeing the first images of what could be the next BlackBerry Android handset.

This image comes from renown BlackBerry fan site, which has gotten a hold of every possible angle of what is said to be an upcoming BlackBerry Vienna. We haven’t even gotten over the BlackBerry Priv craze, but we know that phone is not exactly for everyone.

This purported Vienna shots display the phone in multiple colors (white, blue, black and red), as well as a keyboard that looks very similar to the Priv’s, but has no sliding mechanism. This keyboard one looks to be always present, which some of you might prefer.


Aside from the obvious characteristics we can catch from the visuals, there’s not much to go on from this leaks. No specs or additional features were revealed, but you can be sure more details will come soon. BlackBerry has never been the best at hiding secrets, after all (which is pretty ironic considering they are known for security and privacy).

Be aware that we can’t exactly confirm the validity of this image quite yet, regardless of how credible of a website CrackBerry is. Not even they seem to be completely sure about their source, as it is claimed the images came from the website’s “tip line”, and nothing about the insider is mentioned. Regardless, the images are not crappy enough to discard, and the naming scheme goes along with what seems to be BlackBerry’s code-naming scheme for Android handsets (the Priv was previously known as the ‘Venice’).

We’ll have to wait for more evidence, but be sure to hit the comments and let us know what you think of a design like this one. I happen to be a bigger fan of the slider form-factor – would you agree?

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