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The best travel mice of 2022: Logitech, Razer, and more

The traveling professional should have the best travel mouse in their bag.
May 6, 2022
Logitech MX Anywhere 3 in a bag pocket
Luke Little / Android Authority

A good travel mouse is essential to the on-the-go professional, student, or anyone who prefers a mouse’s tactility over a laptop trackpad. Here are some of the best travel mice in various price points and categories. 

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Buying the best portable mouse

Portable mice are quite convenient, but they have more criteria to fulfill than your regular mice. First and foremost, a good portable mouse has to be a good mouse. That means having a solid feel with the body and the clicks, solid sensitivity, and enough features to not feel lacking. 

With portable mice, this balance is even more critical. Since these mice aim at portability, there are often some compromises made. The key to picking the right travel mouse is to decide what your priorities are, and see which one fits the profile best.

For example, if you need a travel mouse that is great for productivity, you can get something like the Logitech MX Anywhere 3, which is a tiny little workhorse. For gaming on the go, however, you can pick something different, like one of Razer’s portable offerings. There are also some great portable trackpads out there if that’s more your style.

Another key factor to consider is the wireless interface. You get two options here — Bluetooth and RF (also known as wireless.) Bluetooth has become increasingly common, but some of the cheaper mice still employ the older RF technology. These mice come with a USB dongle which you need to connect to your computer. Bluetooth mice are obviously the better pick, with a convenience and battery life advantage, especially if there’s support for Bluetooth 5.0 LE.

Lastly is the portability itself. Travel mice generally have a small profile, and all the picks on our list have that in common. You can consider the weight of a mouse depending upon your requirement. The battery life is also part of the portability, so make sure you get a mouse that meets your requirements on that front as well.

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The best portable mice

While laptop trackpads have improved significantly over the years, many people still like the comfort of a traditional mouse when using a computer away from home. In this list, we have wireless mice ranging from $25 – $80 for productivity features, gaming, and for those who enjoy using a trackpad but need an external pad for optimal comfort. Let’s get into the best mice for travel. 

Logitech M535 — The best portable mouse overall

Logitech M535

The Logitech M535 is a tried and true classic; it was released in 2015 and still flies off the shelves almost six years later. This mouse strikes a great balance between price and features with a tilt wheel, adjustable DPI levels, and gestures enabled through Logitech’s software.

The M535 is a Bluetooth-only mouse, so you won’t have to worry about taking up a USB port to use it, and Logitech advertises a 10-month battery life. Check it out below.

Logitech MX Anywhere 3 — The best high-end travel mouse

Logitech MX Anywhere 3
Luke Little / Android Authority

We promise Logitech won’t consume this entire list, but how can we talk about the best travel mice without mentioning the MX Anywhere 3? This is the company’s highest-end, most feature-packed mouse with Hyperfast scrolling.

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You also get premium build quality, a rechargeable battery, and control across multiple computers. $80 is a steep price, but for those who want the best of the best, look no further than the MX Anywhere 3. 

Logitech Pebble — The best budget travel mouse

Logitech Pebble M350

On the opposite side of the Logitech spectrum, the Pebble is one of the best travel mice in this price range. The ultra-portable design features silent click switches and Bluetooth or wireless USB receiver connectivity, meaning you can easily switch between connected devices.

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This one pretty much covers the basics, but it does them pretty well, and at the low price of $30, it’s hard to pass up. 

Razer Aetheris — The best portable mouse for gaming

razer aetheris portable mouse 1

Now that we’re out of Logitech land, the gaming laptop owners in the crowd will appreciate Razer’s Aetheris mouse for its gaming-grade sensor. It features an up to 7,200 DPI sensor so that you can wind down and play some games after finishing some work away from home. 

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The Aetheris comes in black or white and costs $50. For a gaming mouse, that’s a good value for the duality of work and play you can accomplish with it. 

Microsoft Arc Mouse — The most portable mouse

microsoft arc mouse touch

Microsoft’s premium entry into the land of portable mice is the Arc Mouse Touch, and this one is unique. There’s no on/off switch on this mouse; instead, it folds flat to turn off and folds into an arc to turn on. It was designed with Microsoft’s Surface devices in mind, but it is a Bluetooth mouse and, as such, will work with anything you can pair it to.

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The “touch” component refers to the scrolling motion that you’ll use to navigate pages and documents. By moving your finger up and down near the right/left click buttons, you’ll be cruising through web pages and documents. 

The form factor on the Arc mouse is hyper-portable — you could toss this into a laptop sleeve with no issues. If you’re tight on bag space, the $70 price tag may be worth it.

Brydge trackpad — The best portable trackpad

brydge wireless trackpad

Now, we know that some of you actually prefer a trackpad, and for you, we have the Brydge W-touch precision trackpad— that’s right, this trackpad uses Windows precision drivers. This means that it will function identically to a laptop trackpad with 2, 3, and 4-finger gestures. 

The W-touch recharges via USB-C, measures less than a half-inch thin, and pairs by Bluetooth for a smooth and comfortable trackpad experience on the go. It’s not cheap, but there aren’t many like it out there.

Tecknet wireless mouse — Another great budget option

tecknet wireless mouse 1

You may not know Tecknet, but we do. This mouse is a bit of a classic. We’ve used this mouse, and it lasted us many years. This cheap wireless six-button mouse is perfectly compact and convenient for bags and responsive enough for light gaming.

Trust me, if you’re tight on cash, you won’t regret this one. It’s powered by two AA batteries for advertised two-year battery life and you can stow its USB receiver in the battery compartment so you’ll never lose it. Talk about convenience!

Razer Pro Click Mini — The most elegant portable mouse

razer pro click mini 1

Razer is back, and this mouse slipped under my radar initially. I’ve tried out the original Pro Click mouse and it was fantastic, so I’d expect no different from this Pro Click Mini. This eight-button mouse adds two buttons to the standard form factor by using a tilt wheel. 

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For an extra bonus as a portable mouse, the Pro Click Mini won’t actually click at all; it’s equipped with silent switches that remain tractile in use so your spam-clicking an app to get it to open won’t distract the person next to you. Textured side grips help keep the mouse steady on a desk too. 

Big bonus: it can connect to up to four devices between its 2.4GHz receiver and three Bluetooth profiles. 

Other frequently asked questions

If you have a wireless mouse with a USB dongle, you’ll need to plug it into the PC to get your PC to detect it. If you have a Bluetooth mouse, you’ll need to pair it via the Bluetooth settings on your PC.

Wireless mice and wireless keyboards connect separately to the computer, and are registered as individual devices, even if they’re one of those combo offerings. As such, any wireless mouse will work with any wireless keyboard, as long as you connect them both to the PC separately.

There are a lot of small mice that share the same minimal footprint. If you want the smallest of the smallest mouse, you can pick something like the Logitech Wireless Mini Mouse.

Only in some cases. Some companies like Logitech offer unifying wireless connectors which can replace the lost dongle. Some others like Razer sell the dongles by model. You’ll have to check the manufacturer’s website to see if you can get a replacement dongle for your mouse.

Mousepad options are limited for those using portable mice, but you can just get the smallest size available for your favorite mousepad. Our pick is the Amazon Basics Mini Mouse Pad.