Traveling to faraway places or to enchanted lands is a breathtaking experience. But, with each new experience comes some problems. You might get directions that lead you to the wrong locations or you might struggle with the language barrier.

If you are tired of going around metropolitan cities, asking for directions or carrying out a map, then we’re happy to tell you that you can eliminate all of these things just by using your Android smartphone. The Google Play Store is literally flooded with travel apps, from maps to language translators, everything is already prepared for you.

But, before you leave your house for yet another adventure, be sure to check out the apps below to make traveling enjoyable and fun for you and your family.


TripIt is an interesting travel application that helps you manage all your traveling needs by acting like one of those old-fashioned travel agents. Acting on its own, TripIt doesn’t do anything. But, once you sign-up for a TripIt account, all your travel needs are mashed up and rolled into a handy little application.

TripIt works by automatically scraping off all your Gmail details, tidying them up and tracking your travel life. You can use the app to check in to your flights, check your flight status, map out travel distance from your hotel, and so much more. There is also the Premium TripIt app that adds a whole array of neat features for you to tinker with. The app is very handy and is a great alternative to carrying maps and travel guides.


When it comes to getting the cheapest flights, nothing comes close to the Kayak application for Android.  Travelers who are scouring  for the cheapest flights can make their life easier. The greatest selling point for Kayak has to be its customizability when you’re searching for your next flight.

Users might find seeing Kayak’s check boxes and buttons a bit overwhelming.  But, once you get the hang of it, those added options might just save you time searching. Kayak also offers flight statuses, manages your trip itinerary, looks up baggage fees, and lets you access airline numbers and information.

For those of you who are always looking for cheap flights, then Kayak can narrow down your search and trim it down to only the best finds.

Google Goggles

When it comes to traveling abroad, Google Goggles comes in handy for just about everything. From identifying foreign brands, to breaking the language barrier, Google’s app is like the king of all modern day translators.

If you have done a lot of traveling, then the language barrier will arguably be the most common problem for tourists. Non-English speaking countries can be quite hard for tourists to communicate in, with having to stumble using foreign languages.

Thankfully, Google Goggles lets travelers decipher almost everything. There are many ways to use Google Goggles. Snap a picture, scan bar codes to get product information, scan QR codes to extract information, or even solve Sudoku puzzles.


Want to see the world in a different perspective? If you have already downloaded Google Sky Map, then you’ve pretty much got the idea of Wikitiude.  See the world with different eyes using your phone’s camera and let Wikitude do all the exploring for you.

Wikitude is an “augmented reality” global travel guide that covers all of Wikipedia’s entries and user-contributed content and lays them out on your phone’s camera view. Thus, it gives you detailed information on your surroundings.

Wikitude uses your phone’s GPS function, compass, and movement sensors to pinpoint your location to the landmarks found in your surroundings.  The app is useful as a great tourist guide, but can also be used to dig up some information on historical events or places near you.

Hotels Near Me

The most problem with travelers arriving at their destination has to be finding the right place to stay. Thankfully, an application known as Hotels Near Me is definitely useful. The app tracks down all the best hotels in your vicinity. With Hotels Near Me’s huge database storing over 60,000 hotels, finding a place to stay in a foreign land will be a thing of the past.

Travelers are treated with a number of useful details, such as a star rating for each hotel, an address, the hotel’s phone number, and user reviews. Once you have chosen a hotel, the app will automatically show you photos of rooms, a neat little gallery of the place, and a price quote. If you are satisfied, you can book the hotel room of your choice directly from your phone. You will also get an e-mail confirmation of your chosen selection.

Hotel Near Me also lets you browse hotels in advance so you won’t have to worry about it once you arrive at your destination. Simply select the “elsewhere” option and input the desired city of your choice.


When traveling to far flung places, nothing beats having a GPS tracker on your phone to pinpoint accurately things you might be interested in. Getting real time information will never be the same again. Together with your phone’s GPS, users can receive up to date information on just about everything under the sun. From cheap gas, to weather forecasts, move screenings, recommended restaurants, news headlines and even traffic conditions, Where has mapped out everything just for you.

The app also lets you browse Yellow pages found on the Yelp directory and it can even find the nearest coffee shop for you.

Trip Journal

Another fascinating application that uses your phone’s GPS system is Trip Journal. Basically, Trip Journal tracks down your exact travel route by monitoring your GPS coordinates. Together with the photos you took during your journey, Trip Journal makes an artistic sketch journal with the photo and a map beside it. The app also lets you place markers, and add notes while gathering statistics on the distance you have traveled.

The UI on Trip Journal is not your average run of the mill but rather it is very sleek and artistic to use, as if you are actually holding a journal. Once you’re back home from your trip, you can export your routes via Google Earth format and share it with your friends and family. You can also upload your photos easily in either Facebook or Picasa. The app also lets you archive your trips for future use.

If you’re a private type of person then you might want to go for the free lite version of Travel Journal.

FXware Currency Guide

Having problems with exchange rates? Then look no further than FXware Currency Guide. The app is a must-have for users who are constantly traveling overseas to different countries. FXware Currency Guide lets users convert over 160 currencies worldwide with exchange rates being updated in real time. You can even invert exchange rates easily. FXware Currency Guide also includes a quick pocket guide for easy reference.

FXware Currency Guide includes a couple of extra features such as a tip calculator, currency charts, Forex market news and commentary, and a quiz game that caters to the different countries’ currency.

FXware Currency Guide is a must-have app for anyone traveling abroad. Not only does it make exact and accurate calculations but also gives you real-time updates of different currencies worldwide.

Weather Bug Elite

WeatherBugElite is an application that compiles all location-based weather information and squeezes them in one easy to understand interface. The app doesn’t just show you the current weather, but gives users weather alerts, satellite maps, as well as weather information.

One notable feature of the WeatherBug Elite is that it won’t just show you the temperature at the nearest airport but it gives you accurate information on the temperature closest to you, thanks to WeatherBug’s network of weather stations and your phone’s GPS.

Users can also get information on weather forecasts for up to seven days on their home-screen widget screen. Not only that, WeatherBug also offers wind speeds, humidity, and other important details. You can also save locations without restrictions and view detailed alert maps with vector polygons straight from the Nation Weather Service.


Stuck in traffic jams? No problem, because Waze is a valuable companion to help travelers get the latest update on life in the fast lane. Waze basically gets GPS information from other drivers using the apps on their phones. The results are then shown on Waze’s map to help you avoid traffic areas and other obstacles that might get in your way.

Since Waze relies on generated user reports, you might not get accurate information for specific key areas on the map. So, the more people use the Waze application, the more accurate the data can be received. Users using the application can also help other drivers by notifying them of road problems ahead via text or picture reports.

Do you travel a lot? What Android apps for travel do you think are essential apps that you must not leave home without?

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