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The best Roblox horror games you should play

In the mood for frights with friends? Try out these Roblox horror games.

Published onFebruary 14, 2024

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Roblox is one of the biggest games of all time, with the platform growing to a staggeringly large player base of over 230 million registered users. And while the platform is largely made up of younger players, there is content of all varieties, including horror games. Below, we detail ten of the best Roblox horror games, from the obvious to the hidden gems.

The best Roblox horror games

FNAF: Coop

Since the first game’s release way back in 2014, Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNAF) has exploded in popularity with the franchise even receiving a film adaptation recently. It’s no surprise then that the video game received the remake treatment by fans via Roblox.

FNAF: Coop is quite an impressive Roblox game, with the game essentially a full remake of the first four main games, Sister Location, and a few extras.

If you enjoyed the original Five Nights at Freddy’s games but felt that they could have benefited from 3D visuals, online co-op, and the ability to move freely, then this game is more than worth checking out. Just be sure to brace yourself for jumpscares!

Frigid Dusk

Frigid Dusk throws players into the depths of an old abandoned laboratory, where they must uncover the secrets of mysterious experiments gone wrong. The game consists of three chapters, fully playable solo or cooperatively with friends. While not perfect, the game really nails its atmosphere with a chilling soundtrack and visuals.

Similarly to other entries on this list, Frigid Dusk leans heavily into jump scares — with every single run-in with an enemy resulting in one, which can get frustrating and repetitive. Thankfully, the game is generous with its checkpoints.

It also features some truly frightening and disturbing-looking creatures, so pick this one if you’re looking for a good scare.


New spaces can sometimes feel a bit eery and unsettling. Intrusion capitalizes on this fear, with the player stepping into the role of a new homeowner on moving day. Unsure of whether what they’re experiencing is real or simply a nightmare, the player must avoid the Wanderer — a pale, long-haired, faceless woman who stalks them throughout the game.

Throughout the bulk of Intrusion, the player must avoid the Wanderer by hiding under furniture, listening to their surroundings, and sneaking to avoid being caught.

One great trait of Intrusion is its ability to slowly build suspense instead of simply throwing cheap scares at the player right off the bat.

Like the others on this list, Intrusion offers support for up to four players online or can be experienced entirely solo.

The Intruder

Not to be confused with Intrusion, The Intruder is another great little horror game. As its name would suggest, this game is all about keeping yourself safe from an intruder breaking into your home (and various other places, in later levels).

While it’s largely inspired by Five Nights at Freddy’s and rips off the same security camera mechanic, it does other things to set itself apart. The biggest difference is the addition of anxiety and awareness meters. The anxiety meter essentially represents how scared the player is; it will increase if the player fails to check the cameras often, or whenever the lights are off for an extended period. If the player’s anxiety reaches 100%, the game ends.

Conversely, the player must also worry about the awareness meter. This represents how aware the intruder is of the player; it will go up if the player allows the phone ring or alarm sound for a prolonged amount of time. If the awareness meter reaches 100%, the Intruder will discover the player, and the game concludes.

Like other games on this list, The Intruder can be experienced either in single-player or multiplayer.

Overall, The Intruder can be an incredibly scary experience, with it featuring a scary antagonist and unique mechanics that manage to set it apart from other Roblox horror games.

Dead Silence

Investigating the disappearance of a police officer, the player is plunged into a dark sewer at the start of the game and finds that all is not right — with cultist sacrifices, terrifying killers, and a host of different scary locations, Dead Silence is not a game for the weak of heart.

Dead Silence excels when it comes to its atmosphere: the game features a gripping soundtrack, superb use of lighting and shadows, and creates a great feeling of dread and panic. While it is a linear game with low replay value, it’s a game that should be experienced if you’re looking for a truly scary game.

The creators themselves advertise Dead Silence as the scariest game on Roblox, and we’re inclined to agree.

Cheese Escape

In Cheese Escape, players traverse a large maze while collecting cheese and keys. Sounds simple, right? Wrong. While exploring the cheesy maze, you’ll also be pursued by a giant mouse that will not rest until it has caught you.

The game is over-the-top goofy and can be loads of fun to play with a group of friends. Does it really count as a horror game? That’s debatable. Is it silly? Of course. Do we recommend playing it? Absolutely.

The Mimic

As an anthology-style horror game featuring four separate bite-size stories, The Mimic stands out from many other Roblox horror games. Each of the stories, referred to as books, follows a different character who must escape from a terrifying monster.

Another unique trait that The Mimic possesses is its aesthetic and inspiration, based on Japanese folklore and culture. The setting alone is quite eery, but The Mimic wins extra points for its great sound design and artistic design.

If you’re looking to try out a horror game that is more thematically and visually unique than other Roblox horror games, then we recommend adding The Mimic to your list.


We know what you’re thinking: “Huh? A cute little game about bunnies, on a list of scary games?”

Looks can be deceiving, and this very much is the case with Bunnytale. With a cutesy presentation featuring bunnies and a dream-like aesthetic, this game looks anything but scary at first glance; but trust us, Bunnytale is not a game for kids.

The Bunny King tasks the player with helping restore happiness to the residents of Dreamville, a small cute little town. But quickly, you’ll find that something is a bit off in the little bunny town.

Bunnytale is a dark, eery, gruesome little game, and well worth checking out.

The Backrooms

This wouldn’t be a full list without mentioning The Backrooms. For those unaware, The Backrooms is an online fiction that first originated back in 2019 from a 4Chan creepypasta. Most know it as liminal spaces, usually depicting busy locations as unnaturally empty, The Backrooms are usually described as a maze of empty office rooms.

Like other popular creepypastas on the internet, The Backrooms has seen countless video game adaptations, with many of them on both Steam and Roblox. The games, while different from one another, all essentially feature the same gameplay: traverse a series of different empty eery buildings, whilst usually avoiding frightening malevolent creatures.

There are many different Backrooms horror games available to play on Roblox, with the best probably being The Backrooms [Redacted] by Thiagodeno, though there are several good ones.

If you’re looking for a good laugh, then consider checking out Shrek in the Backrooms.


As one of the most popular Roblox games, Doors inclusion on this list was a no-brainer. The premise of Doors is quite simple: traverse all 100 doors of a hotel. However, with various obstacles, puzzles, and deadly threats along the way, doing so is easier said than done.

The game is equal parts a puzzle and horror game, with some doors being as simple as entering, others requiring a key or other item, and some guarded by a deadly monster.

As a roguelike, players are taught to learn from their mistakes by being forced to restart from the beginning after every death. This makes Doors quite fun to replay and has even made the game quite popular among speedrunners.

Overall, Doors may very well be the most polished and addicting Roblox horror game and well worth checking out for fans of puzzle-horror games.

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