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Quibi shows: Here's what's on now and what is to come (Update: Shutting down)

Here's our list of the Quibi shows that are already available, along with all of the upcoming scripted and unscripted shows.

Published onOctober 22, 2020

Update 2: October 23, 2020 – Quibi has revealed that the service will shut down “on or about December 1”. There’s no word on what will happen to the service’s content after that date.

Quibi has now launched and the mobile-only video streaming service had 50 short-form scripted and unscripted series ready to go, with many more added over the next few months, and more to come. Here’s a look at what you can expect from the list of Quibi shows, which includes cool new series, revivals of older movies and series, and much more.

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You can sign up and download the apps for the service at the links below:

Quibi shows: Launch titles

Scripted series

  • Most Dangerous Game – It’s the latest interpretation of the classic short story as one of the flagship Quibi shows. Lian Hemsworth’s character plays a man with a terminal disease who wants to make sure his wife and child have all they need after he passes away. He takes up an offer from  Christoph Waltz’s character: Stay alive for a day, keep from being killed by hunters, and he will get over $24 million.
  • Survive – Sophie Turner and Cory Hawkins play the only surVivors of a plane crash in the wilderness. They have to make it through snow, canyons and more obstacles if they want to live.
  • Flipped – In this action-comedy, Will Forte and Kaitlin Olson play a couple who try out to be reality show house flippers. Unfortunately, when they start demoing a home, they find a ton of cash belonging to a Mexican drug cartel. The leader of that cartel doesn’t like his cash being stolen, so he forces the couple to renovate his mansion. Andy Garcia and Eva Longoria co-star.
  • When the Streetlights Go On – A teenager is murdered, and now the sister and friends of the deceased have to deal with the fallout while also dealing with their own issues.

Unscripted and documentary series

  • Thanks a Million – A Quibi show where people receive $100,000 by surprise from celebrities, but then must pay that money forward.
  • Chrissy’s Court – Model Chrissy Teigen is the judge making the decisions in this twist on the afternoon court show.
  • Punk’d –  A revival of the MTV practical joke-themed Quibi show, hosted by Chance the Rapper.
  • Murder House Flip – This house flipping show’s twist is that the houses were once the location for murders.
  • Skrrt With Offset – Car fan Offset discusses his love of vehicles with a number of celebrities.
  • The Sauce – A dance-themed show with one-on-one dance battles in cities across the US
  • Nikki Fre$h – This Quibi show centers on reality star Nicole Richie, or rather her alter-ego Nikki Fre$h. She visits with a number of wellness practitioners to learn how to better herself and others.
  • &Music – A look at the many people that work behind the scenes of making songs with the biggest music artists.
  • Elba vs. Block – Actor and car fan Idris Elba competes with rally driver Ken Block in a series of challenges as one of the launch Quibi shows.
  • Gone Mental With Lior – Mentalist Lior Suchard is the center of this series. He recruits celebrities to engage in mental stunts.
  • Singled Out – It’s yet another revival of a 1990’s MTV show. This time it’s a new version of the once-popular dating series.
  • Gayme Show! – It’s a competition series aimed at the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Dishmantled – This twist on the standard cooking competition show has its participants blindfolded at first. Then they have to recreate a dish after it is fired into their faces.
  • You Ain’t Got These – If you are into the growing sneaker culture, then this show is for you.
  • Fierce Queens – This documentary series focuses on female animals in the wild. It’s narrated by Reese Witherspoon.
  • Prodigy – This series looks at eight talented young sports athletes.
  • Run This City – This crime documentary centers on Jasiel Correia II. At 23, he was elected as the youngest mayor of Fall River, Massachusetts. A few years later, he was arrested on fraud charges.
  • Shape of Pasta – Travel through Italy in this series to find the last masters of pasta making.
  • NightGowns – Sasha Velour of RuPaul’s Drag Race is the subject of this series, as she tries to create a major stage production of her drag revue.
  • I PROMISE – This show centers on the opening of the I Promise school Akron, Ohio which was founded by basketball star LeBron James to help underprivileged children.
  • Memory Hole – Will Arnett will host this series that looks back at the most cringe-worthy events in pop culture.

Quibi daily series

  • Last Night’s Late Night – A show that offers the previous night’s highlights from the major late-night TV talk shows.
  • The Daily Chill – This show offers a daily dose of cool visuals and meditation
  • The Nod With Brittany & Eric – A daily version of the popular black culture-themed podcast is one of the Quibi shows launch lineup.
  • The Rachel Hollis Show – The author of Girl, Stop Apologizing will offer daily motivation episodes.
  • Sexology With Shan Boodram – Yes, this daily show talks about dating, sex and more.
  • Fashion’s a Drag – A daily look at the fashion industry, with a rotating panel of drag queens.
  • 60 in 6 – A daily brief version of CBS’s long-running 60 minutes news show.
  • Around the World by BBC News – A look at the biggest news stories of the day by the respected BBC News organization.
  • Morning Report, Evening Report, Saturday Report, Sunday Report by NBC News – This show will feature two daily shows from NBC News, plus a Saturday and Sunday news edition.
  • Pulso News by Telemundo – A daily news story for English speaking Latinx viewers.
  • For the Cultura by Telemundo – Another Latinx-theme show, this time centering on pop culture news.
  • Weather Today by the Weather Channel – A daily weather themed show.
  • NewsDay and NewsNight by CTV News – Two daily news shows from the Canada news organization.
  • Untitled TSN sports show – A daily Canada sports show.
  • The Replay by ESPN – ESPN will offer this sports themed daily show
  • All the Feels by the Dodo  – If you love cute and cool animal videos, this member of the Quibi shows launch lineup is for you.
  • Close Up by E! News –  A daily look at the latest entertainment and celebrity news.
  • Fresh Daily by Rotten Tomatoes – A daily look at the best on movies, TV and streaming platforms.
  • No Filter by TMZ – Two daily shows from the TMZ gossip news organization.
  • Speedrun by Polygon – A look at the latest gaming news.
  • Trailers by Fandango – A daily look at the latest movie trailers.
  • Pop5 – A daily look at the best in pop music.
  • Hot Off the Mic – A comedic look at the day’s news, using comedians from across the country.

Quibi shows release post-launch

Quibi has released a number of new shows since the April 6 launch. Here’s what’s available to stream on the service since it went live.

Drama, Comedy, and Documentaries

  • Home Movies: The Princess Bride – This is a remake of the classic fantasy film, with an all-star cast. The remake was filmed during the current COVID-19 outbreak, with actors filming at their homes. Each chapter has different actors portraying the main film roles.
  • 50 States of Fright – This is a horror anthology series, with each episode, focuses on legends from selected states in the US.
  • #Freerayshawn – After a botched drug deal, a former soldier locks himself in his apartment. A cop, played by Laurence Fishburne, tries his best to have him surrender himself.
  • The Stranger – Maika Monroe plays a ride-share driver who picks up a passenger, played by Dane DeHaan. Unfortunately for her, he turns out to be a psychotic killer, and now she has to figure out a way to escape from his clutches.
  • Agua Donkeys – This comedy series is all about a pair of pool cleaners named MP and Jer. Yes, you read that right.
  • Dummy – A comedy series starring Anna Kendrick, her boyfriend, and her boyfriend’s sex doll.
  • Reno 911 – This revival of the popular Comedy Central show features most of the original cast. as they continue to play police officers that patrol Reno, Nevada.
  • Kirby Jenner – This spinoff, and also a satire, of the reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians centers on Kirby Jenner, a fictional “fraternal twin brother” of Kendell Jenner.
  • Royalties – This comedy musical series centers on a pair of songwriters who try to write new works each week. Darren Criss stars, with appearances by real music artists playing fictitious characters.
  • Blackballed – This documentary looks at what happened to the LA Clippers NBA basketball team in 2014 over five days that lead to its owner, Donald Sterling, being removed from the team.
  • Don’t Look Deeper – A sci-fi drama series set in the near future about a girl who begins to discover that she’s not really human. Don Cheadle, Emily Mortimer, and Helena Howard star.
  • The Fugitive – In this latest incarnation of the classic “man on the run” TV franchise, Boyd Holbrook plays a man who is falsely accused of a terrorist bombing. He takes off to try to clear his name, but the law, headed up by Kiefer Sutherland, is going after him.
  • Die Hart – Kevin Hart plays a fictionalized version of himself in this scripted series as he tries to make the leap to becoming a major action movie star. John Travolta co-stars.
  • Mapleworth Murders – This series is a bit of a spoof of all those small-town murder mystery TV movies and series, as a writer tries to solve crimes in her home town. It was created and stars Saturday Night Live writers Paula Pell and John Lutz.
  • Sex Next Door – The documentary series chronicles the lives of four sex workers in Seattle.
  • Wireless – A college student survives a car crash in the deep wilderness, and must survive with only his smartphone to help him in this thriller series.

Reality, news, talk, and competition shows

  • Fight Like a Girl – This reality show series features a different WWE female wrestling star each episode, as she tries to help a young woman who has some personal issues to overcome.
  • Let’s Roll with Tony Greenhand – A show that features Tony Greenhand creating special ways for celebrities to smoke, um, their products (if you know what we mean).
  • Iron Sharpens Iron – This sports-themed series pairs up two star athletes, each from a completely different sport, in each episode.
  • Cup of Joe – Joe Jonas takes time off from his concert tour with the Jonas Brothers to check out a concert host city in more detail.
  • Floored – A dance competition show with a twist: As the dancer performs,  the dance floor itself will move up, down, tilts, and more to the beat of the music.
  • Useless Celebrity History – Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon hosts this comedy reality show that looks back at very recent pop culture events.
  • Barkitecture – This reality show focuses on a couple of housebuilders. The twist? The houses are for dogs. It may be the cutest of the Quibi shows.
  • Centerpiece – This reality show focuses on Bloom & Plume, a floral arrangement business in Los Angeles.
  • Life-Size Toys – The Nitro Circus daredevil crew drive life-sized versions of children’s toys in big stunt sequences in this series.
  • Your Daily Horoscope  – This promises to be a very different series. This daily Monday-Friday show will feature 12 characters who work at a fictional start-up, Estrella. Each character will have personalities that will be similar to the mythological creatures in their astrological sign.  Each character will have a storyline each day that will also offer astrological advice.
  • Answered by Vox – A daily series that tries to make the COVID-19 outbreak easier to understand.
  • Musicology with Tim Kash – A news show that keeps up with the world of music.
  • Hello America – British comedian Nish Kumar offers up his opinions on US politics.
  • The Andy Cohen Diaries – Bravo talk show host and reality show executive Andy Cohen offers tales of his adventures in animated form.
  • About Face – Model and actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley hosts this series as she interviews icons of the beauty industry.
  • Bad Ideas with Adam Devine – The comedic actor hosts this series, as he takes celebrities to dangerous locations, and make some bad choices for challenges.
  • Benedict Men – A series that focuses on the basketball team at St. Benedict’s Prep in Newark, New Jersey.
  • Murder Unboxed – A true-crime series that reveals clues as to what crime is being discussed as if it was an unboxing video, with seemingly unrelated items shown at first.

Future Quibi shows

The service already has a ton of upcoming scripted and unscripted series in the works. Here’s a look at what you can expect from the lineup of  Quibi shows in the next several weeks and months.

Scripted drama shows

  • Code 8 – This series will be a spinoff of the recent sci-fi action movie of the same name, and will once again star cousins Robbie Amell and Stephen Amell.
  • Blood Orange – This is a psychological thriller about a female attorney in the UK who has a lot of secrets that someone else wants to reveal.
  • Transmissions  – This series will focus on an astronomer at a radio telescope who suddenly detects some odd signals from space.
  • Charlemagne –  This historical scripted series centers on Charlemagne, the legendary Roman emperor.
  • Last American Vampire – A 500-year-old vampire teams up with an FBI agent to fight off a major threat in this series.
  • Toys – A near-future thriller series based on the James Patterson novel, about the conflict between normal humans called “Basics” and the genetically modified humans called “Elites”.
  • Just One Drink – Laura Dern stars in this series. She will play a bartender who each week encounters new customers with their own set of issues.
  • Spielberg’s After Dark – Director Steven Spielberg will create and write this horror-themed series. The twist is that you can only watch these episodes after sunset.
  • Wolves and Villagers – Naomi Watts will star in this thriller series, which is being described as “Fatal Attraction 2.0”.
varsity blues quibi
  • Varsity Blues – A new version of the popular feature film about the fictional high school football team in Texas.
  • Emma – AnnaSophia Robb plays the title character in this horror series. She’s a pregnant teenager who has to deal with some mysterious conspiracy surrounding her current condition.
  • Frat Boy Genius – A scripted series that takes a look at the rise of the Snapchat app and its founder Evan Spiegel.
  • Turn Of the Screw –  It’s the latest adaptation of the classic Henry James novel. Set in modern times, the series centers on a nanny who takes care of two children in a remote house. However, she soon starts to see ghosts at night.
  • CURS_R – This sci-fi horror series is about a student who plays an old 1980s video game as part of a quest to win a big cash prize. The problem is the game soon takes her on an unexpected, and unwanted, journey.
  • Immoral Compass – Bill Burr will create, write and star in this psychological thriller series about how far people will go to get what they think they want.
  • Dead SpotsBased on the novel by Melissa F. Olson, this series is about a janitor in Los Angeles. However, this janitor cleans up the messes created by the hidden supernatural community in the city.
  • Trill League – A African-American themed superhero animated series, based on Anthony Piper’s indie graphic novel.
  • Untitled Guillermo del Toro series – The director behind The Shape of Water, Hellboy and more is working on a modern-day zombie series for Quibi.
  • El Señor de Los Cielos prequel series – This will be a prequel to the Telemundo telenovela series, about Amado Carrillo Fuentes, the real-life Mexican drug lord from the 1990s.
  • Ice Cream Man  – Based on the Image Comic book series, the horror-themed show will be narrated by the Ice Cream Man, as he tells the dark secrets of a suburb.
  • TomieThis will be a live-action adaptation of the popular Japanese horror manga comic book series.
  • Skinny Dip – Based on the 2004 novel by Carl Hiaasen’s 2004 satirical novel, this series centers on a woman who is pushed overboard by her husband into the ocean during a cruise. She manages to survive and, naturally, wants revenge.
  • Swimming with Sharks – A new version of the 1994 feature film that was a satire on the Hollywood movie-making industry.
  • Hardflip – A drama about a teenager and his friends who are involved in the skateboarding culture of Los Angeles.
  • Nine Bodies in a Mexican Morgue – This murder mystery series takes place in a Mexican jungle, where nine people have just survived a plane crash. However, each one is being murdered, one by one.
  • Love Lindsey, Forever – A 22-year-old finds out she’s dying but decides to see if new cryogenic technology can help save her life.
  • The Long Distance Relationship ProjectA series on a couple who try to make their relationship work even though they live thousands of miles away from each other.

Scripted comedy series

  • The Now – A series about a man who wants to commit suicide, but who learns from his mom that his dad and brother both did the same thing. He is now forced to live in “the now”. Oh, it’s a comedy. James Franco and Bill Murray star.
  • One Night Forever – A college astrophysics student meets a man who claims to be an alien in this comedy series.
  • How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days – A new series based on the 2003 rom-com movie.
  • Winos – Thomas Lennon created and stars in this comedy series, as his character tries to run a vineyard in California
  • Trip – A rom-com series, inspired by Pride and Prejudice, will focus on two friends who want to have the best summer vacation ever.
  • The Monarchy Is Going To S***This comedy series is all about twin princesses in the fictional country of Andova. They are not happy when it’s discovered that a newly found illegitimate son to their father is the real heir to the throne.
  • Junior High – YouTube stars Jimmy Tatro and Christian Pierce will create and star in this comedy series about students navigating the jungle that is middle school.
  • UnmatchedIn a future world where a dating app can match you with your perfect mate, four people decide in this comedy series to ditch that idea and just try to hook up with people.
  • Black Coffee – This series centers on a basketball star who, after a career-ending injury, opens up a coffee shop in his old neighborhood.
  • Heartbeats –  This comedy series is all about the seemingly perfect couple, Kristen and Bobby, who suddenly break up and have to deal with the aftershock.
  • Gloop World – This is a clay-based stop-motion series that centers on Bob Roundy and Funzy, two anthropomorphic blobs. It’s co-created by the co-creator of Rick & Morty, Justin Roiland.
  • Last Resort – A comedy about a family that runs a resort in Hawaii that has to deal with a millionaire who wants to buy them out.
  • Micro Mayhem – This stop motion animation comedy series is all about cars, from the makers of Robot Chicken.
  • Florida Man – You know how lots of crazy news headlines come from Florida? This anthology comedy series will attempt to create fictionalized stories based on those odd news headlines only.
  • Crazy Talented – In this scripted series, patients in a psych ward have been told by another patient that they actually have superpowers. The twist? That might actually be true.
  • We’re Never Getting Married  – Two single friends attend a wedding and struggle with their own issues in this comedy series.
  • Cancelled – Nikki Glazer will star in this series. She plays a comedian who is rising to the top of her profession. However, a controversial set at a comedy club goes viral, forcing her to go back to her hometown of St. Louis to live with her parents.
  • Doomlands – An animated comedy about a number of characters who get together in a subterranean vehicle that doubles as a bar.
  • AlternatinoThis sketch comedy series from comedian Arturo Castro, which aired its first season on Comedy Central, will drop its second season as a Quibi exclusive.
  • 137 Things My Wife Hates About Me – This sitcom centers on a husband who finds a list of things that his wife hates about him. His mission is to fix everything on her list.
  • Futha Mucka – Samuel L. Jackson and Ryan Reynolds will voice animated versions of themselves in this series. Ryan loves Samuel and will show that love to him when an accident allows Ryan to take care of the injured Samuel.
  • This Joka – Will Smith hosts this comedy-talk hybrid series. It features stand-up sets by top comedians, but Smith also talks one-on-one with them about comedy.

Unscripted series

  • Beauty – Tyra Banks will star in this documentary series that examines what beauty truly is for people in the world.
  • Ten Weeks – This documentary series follows two people as they go through basic training to become members of the US Army.
  • Biggest Little Cook-Off – This competition series will feature two chefs that will try to make the best single bite of food they can make.
  • Player vs. Player with Trevor Noah – The host of Comedy Central’s Daily Show will host this series. He will pit his own video gaming skills against top players.
  • Empires of Luxury – A documentary series on the families behind many of the famous luxury brand companies.
  • Untitled Cara Delevingne show – The actress will host this series, which will feature a female practical joke team.
  • Last Looks – A true-crime series that looks at the dark side of the fashion industry.
  • Potty Talk – Fashion designer Alexander Wang will host this talk show, as he chats with celebrities in restrooms.
  • Nice One!A comedy game show hosted by Ron Funches where comedians try their best to complement each other.
  • Rapper Warrior Ninja – A competition series that features rappers doing freestyle raps while also going through an obstacle course.
  • Killing Zac Efron – The movie star goes all in with this reality series as he strands himself on an island for 21 days.
  • Slugfest – Based on the best selling book,  this non-fiction series centers on the decades-long rivalry between the comic book publishers Marvel and DC.
  • High & Low – This travel series features actors and sisters Erin and Sara Foster. They go to a city, with one seeing the sights on a budget, while the other experiences a luxury vacation on the town.
  • The Hot DropThis promises to be a unique dating series. Each week a single person is profiled, and the streaming audience can submit their videos on why they should date this person. The top three videos are picked by Quibi, and then the audience voted on which one should go on the date.
hidden temple
  • Legends of the Hidden TempleA revival of the classic kids-themed game show on Nickelodeon, where teams compete to obtain ancient artifacts by answering questions and participating in challenges.
  • Pillow Talk with Demi Lovato – A talk show where the pop singer will chat with celebrities and other guests.
  • Q Talks – In this parody of Ted Talks, this reality series will feature celebrities giving lectures. The twist? Their speeches comes from a rather unpredictable teleprompter.
  • Squeaky Clean – This reality talk show features people who compete to see who is the best cleaner as 0ne of the Quibi shows lineup.
  • Let’s Go Atsuko! – This Japanese-themed game show has contestants telling the host Atsuko Okatsuka one thing they love and one thing they fear. The contestants then face challenges based on those loves and fears.
  • How They Met – This documentary series is all about how different ordinary couples first met and how that meeting changes their lives.
  • Untitled Scooter Braun series – The famous music manager is developing a competition series for Quibi.
  • FaZe Up – The esports team FaZe clan wants a new member, and six Quibi subscribers will battle it out to win a spot on the team in this series.
  • Moving the Needle With Dr. Woo – A look at the professional and personal life of celebrity tattoo artist Dr Woo.
  • The Sauce – This will be a dance competition series, with Usher as a judge and executive producer.
  • Sign Language – This will be a documentary series focusing on the sign-stealing cheating scandal surrounding the Houston ASTROs baseball team.
  • What We Keep – This series looks into the homes of many different people, and asks them which object in their home means the most to them.
  • Get Real – A docuseries that looks back at the history of reality television.
  • Eye Candy – Based on a Japanese game show, this series will feature teams of celebrities and civilians. They will compete to find and identify food that’s been made to look like ordinary non-edible products.
  • Tiny Talk Show – Marsai Martin of Black-ish will host this talk show, which will be filmed on a set that’s one-sixth of the size of a normal talk show set.

Which of these Quibi shows is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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